Self-Service Kiosk System for direct customer contact

Placing a self-service kiosk system or an attractive terminal at the point of sale is always a good measure. Take a look at our kiosk category and let the numerous friendlyway solutions work for you at first. Every sector has the right self-service kiosks in our portfolio that make the difference. Do not miss this chance and talk to your target group directly and in a pleasant way. Positive feedback will not be long in coming!


Self-service kiosks can be used in many different ways

However you want to use such a self-service kiosk terminal, at friendlyway, you have the certainty that the targeted system will be adapted to your individual needs. So make your own picture of our self-service terminals. If something is unclear or should further questions arise, you can contact us at any time. The high-quality self-service kiosks are ideal for use in the trade, supermarkets and hardware stores, in banks and also in public facilities.

We have had the experience that customers and visitors would like to find out what is offered at their respective locations. And if, for example, traders can present their products in a state-of-the-art terminal in an eye-catching manner, this is always a good thing for end-users.


For example the friendlyway van 19

Self-service terminal for Internet applications, presentations and interactive programs