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In the Digital Signage Network, control all systems

It is known from railway stations, suburban railway stations, airports and in large shopping malls: digital signage terminals and displays. On these presentation systems, it is possible to present a continuous change of railway and flight connections, product information, advertising messages and routing systems. However, if you need to organize several systems of this kind, a Digital Signage Network, a digital network that controls various POS solutions, is a good idea. In such a network, terminals or displays that are located at different locations can also be managed. How the complete procedure works in detail, we would be happy to explain in a personal conversation.

Digital Signage Network – the solution in the public space

Such a kiosk or Wayfinding Software is also predestined for use in hospitals, banks and government agencies. The qualified developers of friendlyway are always at your disposal to provide you with a Digital Signage Software that suits you perfectly. Have you recently dealt with the subject of “Interactive Digital Signage” and are you looking for a partner to provide you with high-quality terminals? You are already in the right place: the friendlyway experts will present you with Digital Signage Network a solution which will always help you optimize your processes. We are very experienced in this field and give you a fascinating marketing tool with our network system.

Take advantage of our many years of expertise and get a complete digital signage network that ultimately controls everything. So you have everything in your “command center” in view and manage your terminals and displays according to your ideas.

Competent consulting services

If you have not heard of Digital Signage yet, do not panic, we will inform you in detail! If you would like to explore, which Presentation Systems and which digital signage network solutions fit your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whether POS MonitorsVideo Wall Software or digital signage network – which systems and solutions you also refer to us, we help you to generate the greatest possible attention. At friendlyway, you receive premium quality presentation systems at an extremely fair price.

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