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Streamline a Seamless Onsite Experience: Harness Data to Efficiently Manage Your Visitors, Clients, Employees, and Contingent Workforce

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Why friendlyway Visitor Management?

Provide exceptional visitor experience

Improve security and safety of your premises

Deliver high-quality visitor navigation and support

Ensure compliance with legal requirements and regulations

Reduce waiting times and raise customer satisfaction

Learn more about your visitors, customers and employees via real-time reporting

Facilitating Secure Access: Guaranteeing secure access to manufacturing facilities for all - from visitors and vendors to employees and contingent workers - is a critical responsibility.

Contingent Labor Time Management: Precise tracking of work hours and accurate billing for contingent labor across a multitude of vendors presents a significant challenge in today's dynamic workforce environment.

Shift Management: Designing shift schedules and managing attendance in a multi-vendor scenario introduces an additional level of complexity to workforce management.

Safety and Security: Upholding occupational safety standards and ensuring secure access to premises is a top priority in the manufacturing industry, demanding constant vigilance and robust protocols.

Information and Compliance Management: The task of managing information and maintaining compliance in a multicultural, multilingual setting poses unique challenges that necessitate thoughtful strategies and cutting-edge solutions.

Managing Workforce and Ensuring Compliance: A Manufacturing Industry Perspective

The manufacturing and light industry sectors are increasingly relying on a contingent workforce with varied cultural and professional backgrounds. This diversity brings about a unique set of challenges and potential risks, including:

friendlyway Visitor Management Modules

You can combine and use different modules to automate the processes you need

Cloud Platform and Kiosk Management
Visitor Management for Employee, Service Workers, Contractors, Visitors
Digital Signage for Manufacturing and Light Industry
Video Chat for Communication at Unattended Locations
Wayfinding and Building Navigation Software
Vendor Management (Staffing and Contingent Workforce)
Staffing/Contingent Labor Management Automation
Controlled Application Access From Secure Industrial Kiosks

How friendlyway Visitor Management Works

We support the complete cycle of the visitor journey - from event planning and invitations management all the way through visitor checkout, attendance report and follow up emails and surveys.

Visitor Management and eConcierge for Clients, Partners, and Contractors
  • Management of invitations
  • Pre-visit compliance checks and approvals
  • Onsite visitor registration
  • ID verification
  • Document signing
  • Questionnaire administration
  • Visitor badging
  • Notifications and visitor monitoring
  • Integration with physical access systems
  • Visitor logs and reports
  • Post-visit surveys
  • Video chat for visitor support at unattended locations
Planning, Badging, Time Tracking and Access Management for Employees and Contingent Labor
  • Integration with HR for badging of W2 employees
  • Badging for temporary workers
  • Time tracking
  • Planning of shifts and attendance reports
  • Access management for zones, buildings, and shifts
  • Assets management (lockers, parking tags)
  • Termination procedures for W2s and temps with access withdrawal
  • Automation of muster stations and evacuation
Staffing Vendor Management System
  • Agency access to rosters
  • Upload of agency candidates
  • Termination of agency candidates
  • Management of rates and contract terms
  • Reporting and billing
Digital Signage for Buildings, Production Floor, Business Areas, and Outdoor Locations
  • Centralized audio and video content management and distribution
  • Information displays and kiosks at production floor, business areas, and breakrooms
  • Built-in wayfinding and directories
  • Employee self-service solutions
  • Visitor self-service and video chat support at unattended locations
Emergency Response and Safety Signage
  • Display of safety video manuals and rules
  • Distribution of emergency alerts across all connected screens, kiosks, and devices
  • Provision of evacuation signage
  • Check-in features at muster stations
  • Detailed evacuation reports and muster station attendance counts

See all capabilities for visitor management of the
friendlyway cloud platform in action

friendlyway Platform for Manufacturing and Logistics

A user-friendly interface, template libraries, drag and drop editor, and more

Leverage Powerful Platform Features for Unique Personalized Visitor Experience

Highly customizable visitor registration process
Integration with physical access management solutions and devices
Integration with badge printers, RFID card dispensers, and government ID readers
Quick access to visitor reporting and analytics
Built in staffing vendor collaboration portal
Pre-visit registration forms
Compliance and security verification
Policies and guidelines approval by the visitor
Emergency alarm mode
Multi language support
ADA features support
Purchase hardware from us or use your own windows based hardware

Why Choose friendlyway Visitor Management?

friendlyway combines 25+ years of domain expertise with the latest technologies to create the best-in-class solutions

Fast ROI

Set up in minutes and save hours. Use flexible subscription model


Enjoy a platform designed and built specifically for cloud

Flexible & easy to use

Combine modules as you need and create intricate workflows with simple drag-and-drop


Easily integrate the platform with other hardware and software

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is a Visitor Management Cloud Platform?

    A Visitor Management Cloud Platform is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines and automates the process of managing guests, visitors, and clients at your facility. It centralizes visitor data, provides customizable visitor experiences, and enhances security and compliance by integrating with digital signage and other access control systems. 

    How does a Visitor Management Cloud Platform improve security at my facility?

    The platform enhances security by providing features such as instant badge printing or issuing RFID cards, tracking visitor access and movements in real-time, and enabling pre-registration for visitors. It also allows for the verification of visitor information against watchlists, ensuring that unauthorized individuals are not granted access. 

    Can I customize the visitor experience with a Visitor Management Cloud Platform?

    Yes, our platform allows you to configure custom visitor journeys and create engaging welcome screens and interactive menus to suit the unique needs of your business. This helps create a professional and tailored experience for your guests while streamlining the check-in process. 

    How does the platform handle legal compliance and document signing?

    Our Visitor Management Cloud Platform simplifies legal compliance by offering secure, paperless document signing options, both online and at on-site kiosks. Digital signatures can be collected and stored, ensuring you have all the necessary records to meet compliance requirements. 

    Can I send invitations to clients and manage event attendance with this platform?

    Yes, our platform enables you to easily send invites to clients, track RSVPs, and manage event attendance. The user-friendly invitation system supports various client types, ensuring efficient communication and maximizing attendance at your events. 

    Is the Visitor Management Cloud Platform suitable for businesses of all sizes?

    Absolutely! Our platform is designed to be scalable and adaptable, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. It can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of your organization, ensuring that it meets your visitor management needs effectively and efficiently.