Visitor and Workforce Management in Construction

Automate shift planning and time tracking. Implement badging. Stay safe and compliant.

Visitor and Workforce Management in Construction

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Your visitors and employees have more in common than you think. Let a centralized system take care of their journey at your construction sites — from visit planning through registration and check-in to post-visit reports.

Shift/visit planning
Shift/visit planning

The system helps match the workforce to specific tasks and create worker schedules, ensuring a seamless handover between shifts, all in compliance with labor laws. It can schedule construction site visits by considering supervisors’ availability and the level of disruption to ongoing operations. Pre-visit registration takes place online.

Shift/visit communication
Shift/visit communication

Inform workers well in advance about their shifts and changes to their schedules. Easily create, edit, and send personalized invitation/reminder emails to any visitor type in the versatile, user-friendly system. Outlook integration and multiple notification types are supported.

Employee/visitor badging
Employee/visitor badging

Allow individuals arriving at a site to register using a self-service kiosk or industrial tablet with a connected printer. Let them undergo a safety briefing, complete questionnaires, and sign compliance forms without any paper involved. Provide automatic photo capturing and print a personalized badge or time card.

Employee/visitor check-in and check-out
Employee/visitor check-in and check-out

Individuals check in by scanning their badge at a portable scan station to enter the restricted area of a construction site. They then use a corresponding check-out station at the end of a shift or visit. Integrated physical access management devices, such as security turnstiles or gates, restrict passage only to people with a valid badge.

Attendance report/visit logs
Attendance report/visit logs

The system collects clock-in/clock-out data for accurate payroll and billing with contractors. Detailed discipline reports highlight tardiness, early departures, absences, and excessive recreation area time. Real-time visit logs enhance security and facilitate quick response in an emergency.

Additional configuration
Additional configuration

Plan every step of the visitor and employee experience. Add and configure predefined scenarios for wayfinding, guided visits, video/audio assistance, employee health screening, post-visit feedback, and more.

What Challenges We Address in Construction Workforce Management

Time and Attendance Tracking
Time and Attendance Tracking
Time and Attendance Tracking

Client Challenge: Accurately tracking employee hours across multiple construction sites to prevent time theft and ensure correct payroll.

friendlyway Solution: Our robust time clock and timesheet system facilitates real-time attendance tracking, helping to manage labor costs and payroll accuracy even in remote and dynamic construction environments.

Access Control and Security Management
Access Control and Security Management
Access Control and Security Management

Client Challenge: Ensuring only authorized personnel and visitors can access construction sites, thus preventing theft and vandalism.

friendlyway Solution: Integrated badging, identity authentication, and role-based access controls ensure appropriate granting of access, enhancing site security.

Compliance and Safety Management
Compliance and Safety Management
Compliance and Safety Management

Client Challenge: Maintaining compliance with stringent safety regulations specific to the construction industry.

friendlyway Solution: Our platform manages digital compliance forms, safety training logs, and automated compliance reminders, ensuring all workers meticulously follow safety protocols.

Shift Planning and Labor Scheduling
Shift Planning and Labor Scheduling
Shift Planning and Labor Scheduling

Client Challenge: Coordinating worker schedules effectively amidst the complexities of multiple, overlapping construction projects.

friendlyway Solution: Shift planning tools within our platform help allocate the right workforce to various sites based on project demands, optimizing labor use and reducing downtime.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Client Challenge: Obtaining immediate insights into workforce productivity and compliance status across various sites.

friendlyway Solution: Advanced reporting and analytics provide real-time data on workforce performance, safety compliance, and operational metrics, helping construction managers make informed decisions.

Enhanced Communication
Enhanced Communication
Enhanced Communication

Client Challenge: Communicating effectively across dispersed construction sites and updating all teams with real-time information.

friendlyway Solution: Utilizing mobile notifications facilitated by our platform to broadcast important updates, emergency alerts, and operational changes directly to site workers.

Emergency Preparedness and Response
Emergency Preparedness and Response
Emergency Preparedness and Response

Client Challenge: Managing emergencies efficiently, including quick evacuations and accurate headcounts at sprawling construction sites.

friendlyway Solution: Our platform’s emergency mustering and evacuation tracking features integrate seamlessly with access controls and workforce data to coordinate rapid and orderly emergency responses.

Self-Service Solutions for Workers and Site Visitors
Self-Service Solutions for Workers and Site Visitors
Self-Service Solutions for Workers and Site Visitors

Client Challenge: Reducing administrative overhead and improving efficiency through self-managed access to tools and information.

friendlyway Solution: Self-service kiosks and secure digital portals enable workers and site visitors to check in, access safety protocols, and manage their details independently.

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Your visitors may have different roles and reasons for their presence at your construction sites. friendlyway Visitor Management helps you better understand and provide customized experiences to each of them.

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  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • Property Owner
  • Potential Tenant
  • Supplier
  • Delivery Personnel
  • Inspector
  • Safety Auditor

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friendlyway combines 25+ years of domain expertise with the latest technologies to create best-in-class solutions

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< 1 min

average wait time for visitors during ID check and badge issuing

1,200 persons/hour

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reduced contingent workforce costs due to more accurate shift planning

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is visitor management in construction?

    Visitor management in construction refers to the processes and systems — typically supported by digital solutions — used to control and monitor visitor access to a construction site. These systems ensure safety, security, and compliance in hazardous construction environments.

    What are the benefits of visitor management software?

    Some key advantages of implementing visitor management software include:

    • Improved site security due to real-time control and monitoring of access points
    • Increased efficiency and speed of the entry process with automated registration, digital document signing, and check-in
    • More accurate and manageable digital visitor logs compared to traditional paper records (besides reduced environmental impact)
    • Better communication between the host and the visitor, facilitated by automatic notifications
    • Positive first impressions from the sleek and modern technology reflecting the organization’s high operational standards
    What is WFM in construction?

    Workforce Management (WFM) in construction refers to the systematic process of optimizing the efficiency and productivity of a construction workforce. It involves various activities such as planning, scheduling, and tracking of workers to ensure that the right people are available at the right time to meet project demands.

    Effective WFM is crucial in construction due to the industry’s complex dynamics, which include fluctuating workloads and multiple project sites. It’s an integral part of modern construction management, increasingly supported by sophisticated software solutions.

    Why use workforce management software?

    Workforce management (WFM) software adoption offers several compelling benefits, including:

    • More efficient labor scheduling
    • More accurate time and attendance tracking
    • Improved labor cost management
    • Automatic enforcement of compliance rules
    • Better real-time communication and coordination among teams
    • Enhanced productivity and performance analytics
    What is friendlyway Cloud Platform?

    friendlyway Cloud Platform is a comprehensive, cloud-based software platform designed to support businesses in managing their digital transformation processes. Featuring plug-and-play modules and seamless integrations, it serves as a basis for friendlyway’s solutions addressing various operational needs, including visitor management, digital signage, badging, access management, self-service kiosk solutions, wayfinding, and workforce management.