friendlyway Digital Signage

Effortlessly manage and display a diverse range of digital content across your screens.

  • Interactive and non-interactive content options
  • Support for various media formats and data sources
  • Compatibility with multiple connected devices – displays, kiosks, tablets, video walls, digital panels, and more
  • Seamless integrations with in-house and third-party systems
friendlyway Digital Signage

friendlyway Digital Signage for Your Business

Welcome Screens

Greet visitors, employees, and customers with highly customizable welcome screens. For more sophisticated visitor journey scenarios, explore our friendlyway Visitor Management and Self-Service solutions.

Promotional Displays

Engage your audiences and boost your brand visibility with a range of promotional materials, tailored for any format and screen layout. We offer both interactive and non-interactive media options to suit diverse marketing needs.

Interactive Self-Service

Give users the freedom to access the services they require at their own convenience, whether it’s through a self-ordering kiosk at a restaurant, an information desk in an office building, or a self-service kiosk on the production floor. To further enhance functionality, our Video/Audio Assistant module offers remote support to both visitors and staff in unattended locations.

Information Screens

Showcase your products and services. Share the latest news, market trends, real-time order updates, schedules, and other valuable content with your audience. Our platform enables easy content creation for your informational displays using a drag-and-drop editor, along with the option to broadcast ready-made content from external feeds and web applications.

Digital Bulletin Boards

Keep your team informed by regularly publishing announcements, policies, and reports, and by providing real-time updates from news feeds, social media, and other services. Organize your content layout into sections to display different content on one screen.

Wayfinding & Navigation

Deliver maps with points of interest, guide visitors with intelligent routing, and provide directions in public areas, offices, malls, airports, and campuses.

Room Signage

Upgrade your conference rooms with our efficient room signage solution. It displays room details, real-time schedules, and promotional content, simplifying information automation for businesses and hospitality venues. Enhance visitor experience and streamline communication effortlessly.

Emergency Response & Safety Signage

Be prepared for critical situations by leveraging our digital signage solution. Display emergency procedures, safety guidelines, and hazard warnings. Distribute emergency alerts by instantly overriding any pre-scheduled information for speedy evacuation of visitors and personnel.

See all capabilities of friendlyway Digital Signage in action

How It Works: Crafting and Publishing Content

Highlighted Features of friendlyway Digital Signage

Drag-and-Drop Content Management System
One-Click Deployment on Your Devices
Hardware Agnostic: Use friendlyway or Your Own Devices
Emergency Alert Signage Mode
Multi-Language Support
Accessibility Features
Plug-and-Play Modules
Proof of Play and Reporting
Sensor-Driven Interactive Display Behavior
Cross-Platform Compatibility: Windows and Android
Flexible Device Grouping for Content Publishing
Third-Party Advertisement Placement

Powered by friendlyway Cloud Platform

friendlyway Cloud Platform

Why Choose friendlyway?

We blend 25+ years of domain expertise with the latest technologies to create best-in-class solutions

Fast ROI

Benefit from quick time to market. Use a flexible pay-as-you-go licensing model


Enjoy a modular platform designed and built specifically for the cloud

Easy to use

Create intricate workflows with code-free configuration


Seamlessly integrate the platform with other hardware and software

friendlyway Hardware Offering

Choose between utilizing your existing digital signage devices or taking advantage of our proprietary hardware, purpose-built for the digital signage industry. Crafted in Germany using top-tier components, our hardware guarantees exceptional durability and performance for commercial use.

Industries We Serve

Government & Public Services
Government & Public Services
Travel & Hospitality
Travel & Hospitality
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Financial Services
Financial Services
Energy & Utilities
Energy & Utilities
Logistics & Transportation
Logistics & Transportation
Staffing & Recruiting
Staffing & Recruiting

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Frequently asked questions

What is meant by digital signage?

Digital signage is a modern form of communication that utilizes electronic screens to convey messages, information, ads, or other forms of content. It has become increasingly popular across industries as a more targeted, scalable, and sustainable alternative to traditional printed signs and billboards.

How much does it cost to implement digital signage?

The cost of such projects can vary widely depending on their scale, desired features, and other factors. It is advisable to divide the project into phases and gradually increase your fleet of devices, thus optimizing resource allocation and seeing a continuous impact from implementation.

For accurate pricing information, consult a reputable technology provider, such as friendlyway. We will assess your circumstances and goals, recommend alternatives, and provide a detailed cost breakdown.

How does digital signage work?

There are three fundamental parts: hardware devices, a software platform, and content. Combining these elements enables the delivery of targeted messages to drive desired outcomes. To make digital signage work effectively:

  1. Design visually appealing and relevant content.
  2. Use software to organize and schedule it.
  3. Set up screens/devices and interactive options.
  4. Monitor the network and address issues promptly.
How do you produce digital signage?

A few key steps can help create impactful displays. Once you have defined your goals and objectives, select reliable hardware and software (friendlyway is a recommended option for both). Then, design the layout and develop compelling content tailored to your audience. Finally, conduct thorough testing and gather user feedback for continuous improvement.

What is digital signage software?

As part of friendlyway Cloud Platform, you get specialized software with powerful features for managing your display devices. It enables authorized users to build, schedule, broadcast, and track content, which is crucial for effectively operating the network.

What is a digital signage system?

A digital signage system is a comprehensive solution that includes hardware (LCD screens, media players, mounting, etc.) and software (CMS, analytics, etc.) elements and usually runs on a secure network infrastructure. friendlyway Cloud Platform offers all the necessary components of a complete system either out of the box or via integration.

How do businesses use digital signage?

Digital signage has a vast range of applications and use cases. You will find digital displays in diverse public and private spaces:

  • advertising products in retail stores
  • displaying menu boards in restaurants
  • providing directions or announcements in airports
  • sharing news on (interactive) digital boards in offices
  • showcasing event schedules in conference centers, etc.