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Automate and streamline your visitor registration, navigation and assistance processes with our best-in-class cloud platform.

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    Reinforces your brand

    Improves onsite visitors experience

    Improves office efficiency

    Modernizes your interior design and impresses visitors

    Optimizes office staff allocation

    Reduces waiting times

    Improves security standards and compliance of your site

    Allows for additional data collection about your visitors

    Benefits of Visitor Management Systems

    Visitor management refers to a set of practices, software and hardware solutions that administrators can use to automate, control and monitor the usage of a building or site. By leveraging such a solution, facility management team can improve visitor experience and at the same time can collect and analyze data of facilities usage by specific visitors.

    friendlyway Visitor Management Overview

    friendlyway Cloud platform allows to create and manage interactive scenarios, screenflows, floorplans and checkin/checkout workflows. This content can be broadcasted to authorised devices using friendlyway player integrated with the platform. Any Android or Windows based devices can be connected to our platform.

    Why friendlyway Visitor Management?

    Modular and highly customizable solution
    Cloud-based, can be deployed on-premises
    Set up in minutes and save hours
    Customers can leverage hardware from friendlyway for best results
    Platform supports hardware from other vendors
    Flexible subscription models


    Public Sector
    Hospitality, Real Estate
    Entertainment & Sports

    How friendlyway visitor management works

    We support the complete cycle of the visitor journey - from event planning and invitations management all the way through visitor checkout, attendance report and follow up emails and surveys.

    Manage Events and Visitor

    Create, edit, and manage events, invitations, and visitors directly within the visitor management module. Solution support multiple event notification types.

    Assist your clients with audio/video calling capabilities

    Users can request immediate live support by calling via the built-in audio/video assistant.

    Customize your on-site visitor experience

    Plan every step of the visitor experience – self-service check-in, badge/RFID card printing, wayfinding, and digital signage. Other features include email notifications, agreement and questionnaire screen flows during check in, different check-out settings, and numerous hardware integrations.

    Improve your visitor navigation and wayfinding processes

    After verifying the visitor’s credentials, the system will provide interactive navigation instructions to a Point of Interest or specific location within the organization’s facilities.

    Integrate with your physical access management solutions

    The visitor management module can be integrated with security turnstiles and other physical access management hardware, allowing for a truly seamless and automated visitor check-in process.

    Collect post-visit surveys, access logs, and reports

    After the event is over, friendlyway platform can send post-visit questionnaires and surveys asking visitors to provide feedback about their experience and your brand. Solution also features in-depth reporting, logs, and analytics.

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    Highlighted Visitor Management Features

    Highly customizable visitor registration process
    Deploy to your devices in just one click
    Cloud and on-premises deployment modes
    Integration with physical access management solutions and devices
    Integration with badge printers, RFID card dispensers, and government ID readers
    Quick access to visitor reporting and analytics
    Emergency alarm mode
    Over 10 plug and play off the shelf modules
    Video tagging at check-in / check-out
    Multi language support
    ADA features support
    Cross platform: windows and android support

    friendlyway Visitor Management Modules

    You can combine and use different modules to automate the processes you need

    Cloud Platform and Kiosk Management
    Visitor Management
    Content Management
    Audio/Video Assistant
    Wayfinding Module
    Room Signage
    Integration Module
    Reporting and Surveys Module

    Additional friendlyway Modules

    Expand your versatility and cover additional business scenarios by adding the following off-the-shelf modules

    Staffing/Contingent labor automation
    Secure Browser

    friendlyway.NEXT in a Nutshell

    Create, schedule, and monitor interactive scenarios from a centralized, web-based environment.

    Connect your fleet of digital signage devices to a single platform managed entirely from the cloud.

    Featured Hardware Integrations


    Integrate visitor management with high-quality access control solutions by Magnetic - from turnstiles to parking gates.


    Add end-to-end security solutions from Interflex - from basic functions to video surveillance, mechanical offline terminals with data from the online system, and biometric recognition.


    Use Sicunet controllers to create complex and highly reliable automated scenarios with physical access control devices.

    Featured Software Integrations


    Make calls directly from the kiosk or interactive screen as a part of visitor experience.


    Integrate your visitor experience as an essential data point for sales and marketing processes managed in Salesforce.


    Use Kibana for in-depth log analysis and additional data insights pulled from the friendlyway visitor management solution.

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