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Just imagine customers first enter a huge shopping mall with the goal of buying a particular product. The problem with this: Since you are not familiar with this object and a lot of time passes by flipping down floor for the appropriate area, a corresponding signpost would be very helpful. For this reason, friendlyway has developed a Wayfinding software, which shows customers the way and gives companies the opportunity to advertise in attractive terminals. Thus, such a software solution is not only ideal for shopping centers, but also for railway stations and airports. If you would like to benefit from our comprehensive know-how in Presentation Systems, we always have an open ear for you!

friendlyway offers a simple and intimate yet comprehensive solution, which can be installed in public places. The friendlyway routing system provides the visitor with a detailed map that visualizes several floors. Via the integrated touch screen, the visitor can select destination point from the list or directly on the map. The desired location is then automatically marked on the map and the system displays the way to it.

In addition, the visitor receives useful additional information about the desired destination, for example in the form of a detailed description of the store with pictures of its interior and assortment.


  • Interactive, detailed map of each stores with names of shops, services, etc.
  • Pathfinding functionality that shows the way to the destination
  • Interactive list of destinations, sorted by categories or in alphabetical order
  • Modern, attractive touchscreen-capable user interface with animation elements
  • Additional information, including description of the store and interactive banners
  • Presentation of contextual advertising content as a slideshow, animation or video
  • Search function
  • Extensive administration interface for fast content change without special knowledge
  • Central data management for several terminals
  • Extensive evaluation tools for determining the number of clicks on product groups, brands, and time periods


  • Increase in sales for the individual stores, as their locations and products are easier to find
  • Increase customer satisfaction through better navigation in the business and the provision of detailed product information
  • Generate additional revenue by placing advertising
  • Increasing the image of the shopping center as a modern and innovative company
  • Improvement of the customer service by evaluating the visitor behavior
  • More efficient customer service since frequently asked questions about the system can be answered and the staff thus more time for the pure service remains

Advertising can be attractive with wayfinding software

The friendlyway Wayfinding software is so popular, because you can offer the particular customer a special service and at the same time gives companies a further opportunity to draw attention to themselves. This software is a modern Touchscreen Software that can be adapted to any environment. If our wayfinding software is integrated into POS Terminals, which we also offer in various designs, detailed maps of floors and shops can be displayed. If you press the touch screen on the terminal, the destination can be clicked and the route to it is described in detail. Visitors can easily find themselves in huge shopping centers and airports, for example. And “by the way” you can still take photos of the store interior as well as attention-grabbing advertising messages in the indicated routing system.

The advantages of the Wayfinding Software are obvious. To stay at the shopping center for example: if customers are guided to the shops without any detours, the sales increase naturally. In addition, customers are grateful that they do not have to look long and enjoy the stay in the respective business all the more. In addition, shopkeepers can already be positioned at the terminal by a direct customer approach.

Path finder software – efficient control system can be used in many ways

Would you like to integrate our effective guidance system into your marketing mix? For example, in order to better navigate at railway stations, in large shopping centers and at airports, an orderly control system is usually an inevitable communication instrument. A friendlyway guidance system, on the other hand, is designed to provide you with detailed directions within a building or a more comprehensive location. On the other hand, companies can use our product to focus on the targeted target group.

A control system from our company is designed in such a way that an efficient path finding and a convincing advertising functionality are combined. If users and incoming new customers no longer have any questions regarding the operation of such a route system, the goal is initially achieved. If the clear and fast usability of the system folds so well and in this context an attention-grabbing advertisement is placed in the right place, this remains extremely positive memory. Retailers are also happy to use a leadingway system from friendlyway and distribute their special offers. The presentation of the company message or other features can be selected individually.

Expert advice is part of the service

If you would like to know more about our wayfinding product, our Digital Signage Software, kiosk software and the video wall software, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please call our specialists and have a detailed consultation.

Our Wayfinding software will also help you tie your customers closer to you.

Should any questions arise, we are at your disposal for a personal consultation.

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