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    friendlyway Solutions for Convention Centers, Trade Shows, and Showrooms

    friendlyway offers unique solutions that provide everything needed to host amazing trade shows and retail events, enabling memorable experiences for your clients, attendees, and visitors across the entire end-to-end experience, from software to hardware.

    friendlyway Cloud Modules for Digital Signage in Trade Shows, Convention Centers, and Showrooms

    Combine and use different out-of-the-box modules to automate the specific processes you need

    Cloud Platform and Kiosk Management
    Visitor Management
    Content Management
    Audio/Video Assistant
    Wayfinding Module
    Room Signage
    Integration Module
    Reporting and Surveys Module
    Secure Browser
    Staffing/Contingent labor automation
    Advertising Placement and Broadcast Management

    Our Featured Solutions for Trade Shows, Convention Centers, and Showrooms

    Digital Signage in Convention Centers and Showrooms

    friendlyway solutions provide powerful tools to improve your attendee, client, and visitor experiences by delivering location-specific information where and when it’s needed, all with the flexibility of a modern digital signage platform. Content presented on the screen of a device may vary depending on signals from different sensors (proximity sensors, mobile devices with an integrated mobile app, etc.).

    You can create, customize, schedule, and distribute any type of content across all of your venue’s different digital signage devices:

    • Self-service kiosks
    • Digital walls
    • Freestanding large screens
    • Tablets
    • Wall-mounted screens and outdoor kiosks

    Content may include:

    • Signage, floor maps, and interactive directions for visitors
    • Video and/or static advertisement displays
    • Information on local offerings, promotions, services, and promotions
    • Upcoming events
    • Event timetables and schedules
    • Weather forecasts
    • Local points of interest
    • Local transportation schedules
    • Local accommodation options

    The friendyway Cloud Platform provides end-to-end functionalities for managing multiple digital signage devices and creating, scheduling, and distributing different types of content across all of a venue’s devices from a centralized cloud-based portal.

    Ad Placement and Broadcast Management in Convention Centers and Showrooms

    As one of the features most suitable for large convention centers, trade shows, and public areas, friendlyway Cloud Platform offers scheduled advertising placement and broadcast management as a tool to help schedule ads and multimedia broadcasts on digital signage devices, and manage content played across the venue’s network of digital signage devices.

    This may include any audio/video/graphical content uploaded to the platform or created using the built-in content management system.

    friendlyway Cloud Platform provides detailed information about the campaign flight including overall time of broadcasting, specific time slots, as well as proof-of-play and other information that helps with tracking and billing.

    Visitor Navigation and Wayfinding for Convention Centers, Trade Shows, and Showrooms

    One of the most important aspects of convention center and trade show visitor experience is helping attendees navigate to desired locations and points of interest within the venue.

    From finding a specific vendor’s booth or conference room using an interactive kiosk and barcode on a ticket to finding the closest cafeteria, public restroom, or concession stand using an interactive touch screen, digital wayfinding information enables a unique and memorable journey for your visitors by reducing the time and effort in finding and reaching points of interest.

    Our wayfinding module supports the following features:

    • Creation and management of complex and multi-level floor maps
    • Managing various configurable points of interest including meeting rooms, vendor booths, restrooms, concession stands, merch stores, elevators, stairways, and emergency exits
    • Creating smart routes to selected points of interest from a kioks’s location
    • Adding specialized accessible routes for visitors and attendees with disabilities
    • Easy, real-time map and content distribution to connected digital screens, signage devices, and kiosks
    • Real-time emergency announcements and evacuation route displays
    • Multiple content scheduling options with advanced customization features
    • Visitor navigation to specific location, exhibition, meeting room, or conference hall via barcode on the event invitation or the conference’s mobile app.
    Emergency Signage and Evacuation

    From fire drills to actual emergency situations, you want to be sure all of the digital signage devices across your building have the ability to display up-to-date information immediately at the click of a button.

    The friendlyway emergency signage feature allows users to create different predefined types of content to play in a priority mode over the content that has already been scheduled.

    Depending on the types of devices and screens, content that may be played includes:

    • Video and audio announcements
    • Messages
    • Images
    • Evacuation maps and plans
    • Video calls to a dedicated security team from a kiosk

    Content is pre-created by the facility’s designated team and activated within one click of a button to be displayed across all devices.

    Contactless Ticket Collection, Visitor Management, and Physical Access Management

    Event and visitor management can be challenging without advanced-level automation that covers the entire end-to-end process, from creating visitors in the system and registering them for an event, to initial check-in and allowing them to pass a security turnstile or other physical access solution.

    friendlyway Cloud Platform empowers users to handle these tasks with ease via the following features:

    • Receiving RSVPs and visitor records from the ticket sales system via API
    • Adding visitors to an event
    • Sending confirmation/QR codes via email
    • Allowing for contactless ticket pickup and/or printing at a self-service kiosk using a confirmation/QR code from the invitation/confirmation email
    • Integration with physical access systems including security turnstiles and door locks using tickets, barcodes, etc.

    Real-time reporting tools shows how many visitors there are in a venue, the number of absentees, and the attendees’ time on site for further analysis in third-party reporting solutions.

    Self-service, Kiosk-based Visitor Support, and eCommerce

    Self-service for event attendees is an essential aspect of modern visitor and customer experience.

    We have the hardware and software for managing best-in-class self-service experiences where it is needed most in your venues.

    Users can publish self-service experiences on friendlyway kiosks or most other third-party vendor kiosks, screens, and digital boards*

    • Searching local services, promotions, and offerings
    • Purchasing tickets, booking services, and making orders from. local vendors such as merchandise and concession sellers.
    • Making audio/video calls with your support team

    * Android or Windows-based platforms

    Affiliate and Contractor Access Management

    Streamlined control over access to facilities for different vendors, event presenters, and participants (e.g., trade show participants renting booths, cleaning companies, catering companies, maintenance and engineering teams, etc.), enabling:

    • Improved security via personally assigned access
    • Better control over people at the venue and on the premises
    • Efficient tracking of people onsite in the event of an emergency
    • Better visibility for hourly and contract workers/jobs via the built-in billing reporting tool

    friendlyway provides the following out-of-the-box features:

    • Separate portal for presenting companies and vendors where they can manage their affiliates visiting the facilities
    • End-to-end visitor management automation: events, visitor lists, email invites, self check-in and check-out functions, reporting, and surveys
    • Ability to integrate with physical access management hardware
    • Configurable integrated badging system (RFID card dispensers and readers with badge printing capabilities)

    Why Choose friendlyway for Convention Centers, Trade Shows, and Showrooms

    Modular and highly customizable solution: from end-to-end visitor management to simple clock-in / clock-out
    Cloud-based and works with any hardware - reuse your own or purchase from us
    Set up in minutes and save hours
    Customers can leverage hardware from friendlyway for best results
    Compatible with friendlyway hardware and Customer owned Windows / Android based devices
    Pay-as-you-go licensing model

    Snapshots from the platform

    Highlighted friendlyway Cloud Platform Features for Trade Shows and Convention Centers

    Built-in facility/convention center floor plan editor and wayfinding route builder
    Built-in digital content editor and publisher
    Built-in advertisement placements, scheduling tool, and proof-of-play reporting
    Integration with physical access management solutions and devices
    Out-of-the-box vendor portal to manage facility access for their employees and affiliates
    Quick access to visitor reporting and analytics
    Emergency alarm mode with
    priority content that displays over scheduled content
    Sensor-driven interactive user interface behavior
    friendlyway hardware-ready, compatible with other vendors’ kiosks and digital signage devices
    Multi-language support
    ADA features and support
    Cross platform: Windows and Android support

    friendlyway Cloud Platform: How it Works

    After 20+ successful years in the digital signage industry, we set our sights on developing an industry-leading software product by fusing the best practices of visitor registration, self check-in, and other interactive digital signage scenarios into one comprehensive cloud platform.

    Create, schedule, and monitor interactive scenarios from a centralized, web-based environment.

    Connect your fleet of digital signage devices to a single platform managed entirely from the cloud.

    friendlyway Standard Hardware Integrations


    Integrate visitor management with high-quality access control solutions by Magnetic, part of FAAC Technologies - from turnstiles to parking gates.


    Add end-to-end security solutions from Interflex - from basic functions to video surveillance, mechanical offline terminals with data from the online system, and biometric recognition.


    Use Sicunet controllers to create complex and highly reliable automated scenarios with physical access control devices.

    friendlyway Standard Software Integrations


    Make calls directly from the kiosk or interactive screen as a part of visitor experience.


    Integrate your visitor experience as an essential data point for sales and marketing processes managed in Salesforce.


    Use Kibana for in-depth log analysis and additional data insights pulled from the friendlyway visitor management solution.

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