friendlyway Empire 22 Deep Kiosk

The Empire 22 Deep combines the best of our Empire 22 Pro and 22 Slim kiosks into one balanced solution, bridging the gap between modularity and utility.

Modern and Functional Midweight Design

German-engineered and featuring friendlyway’s signature elegant design, the Empire 22 Deep is built for modern functionality.

More Features, More Business Capabilities

Modular add-ons include keyboard, NFC scanner, barcode scanner, ID scanner, thermal printer, and privacy screen filter. This kiosk offers more possibilities, enhanced user experiences, and increased business value.

The Perfect Balance Between Utility and Modularity

Lighter than the Empire 22 Pro and more modular than the 22 Slim. The Empire 22 Deep fuses the best of both products into one well-rounded solution capable of meeting a wide range of business needs.

Usability-First Design

Created with usability in mind, the Empire 22 Deep is capable of performing in any business scenario and environment. Guests, visitors, workers, and customers alike will enjoy an intuitive, easy-to-use kiosk experience.

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Self-service registration, check-in, check-out, building access, and activity tracking for visitors, guests, and workers

Interactive digital signage displays and media playback

Interactive digital wayfinding

Advertising, informational, and multimedia displays

Visitor management

Contingent workforce management

Kiosk Business Applications

The Empire 22 Deep can be leveraged across numerous business scenarios. And when combined with the power of our cloud-based friendlyway Cloud Platform, capabilities and possibilities increase ten-fold:

Powered by friendlyway Cloud Platform

Founded in 1998, friendlyway has been delivering innovative digital signage hardware and software solutions for over two decades. Our client base spans multiple industries and regions, with over 25,000 devices deployed across over 69 countries. Use friendlyway Cloud Platform to connect your entire fleet of digital signage devices to a central platform managed via the web or on-premises, and unleash the power of engaging self-service and digital signage experiences.

friendlyway Cloud Platform
friendlyway Cloud Platform

Our cloud-based platform allows organizations to deliver modern, interactive digital experiences to workers, guests, or visitors. It combines the power of a digital signage media player, CMS, visitor management, and workforce/worker management solution all rolled into a centralized web-based platform.

friendlyway Modules

Numerous pre-built modules for a wide range of common business scenarios that can be created, customized, and deployed to your signage or kiosk hardware within minutes. Interactive wayfinding, self-service guest/visitor registration and check-in/out, self-service worker clock-in/out, workforce/worker management, worker onboarding, and more.

Industrial Applications

Our cloud-native platform and digital signage hardware solutions can be used across a wide range of industries and business scenarios.

Government & Public Services
Government & Public Services
Travel & Hospitality
Travel & Hospitality
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Financial Services
Financial Services
Energy & Utilities
Energy & Utilities
Logistics & Transportation
Logistics & Transportation
Staffing & Recruiting
Staffing & Recruiting

Empire 22 Deep Technical Specifications

Hardware Components

  • Keyboard
  • Full HD PCAP Multitouch Display 21.5”
  • NFC Scanner
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Thermal Printer
  • Privacy screen
  • Proximity sensor
  • Webcam / free speaking unit
  • Driver’s license scanner

Exterior and Design

  • Commercial-grade powder coating
  • 1.5mm solid steel housing
  • Wide selection of RAL standard base colors
  • Custom logo foiling (optional)
  • Seamless and flush exterior design with no visible components

Dimensions and Weight

  • Base plate size: 29.9” x 17.7” (760 mm x 450 mm)
  • Kiosk size: 63.3” x 23.6” x 14.1” (1610 mm x 600 mm x 360 mm)
  • Kiosk weight: 132.2 lbs (60 kg) (standard configuration)

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