Visitor Management and Digital Signage for Government and Public Sector

Create a professional visitor experience and keep everyone safe at government facilities.

Visitor Management and Digital Signage for Government and Public Sector

Discover Our Solutions for Public Sector Organizations and Government Offices

Visitor Management
Visitor Management

Boost security and improve the visitor experience in government buildings and public offices with seamless journeys and personalized services.

Selected Features

  • Visitor pre-registration online
  • Visitor invitations and notifications
  • Contactless visitor check-in
  • Visit logs and reporting
Digital Signage
Digital Signage

Leverage modern communication methods in public spaces, government offices, and community centers.

Selected Features

  • Drag-and-drop content editor
  • Interactive and non-interactive content
  • Granular playback scheduling
  • Remote device management
Wayfinding and Visitor Guidance
Wayfinding and Visitor Guidance

Assist visitors in locating and navigating to points of interest within government buildings and public sector institutions.

Selected Features

  • Multi-floor maps for display and printing
  • Directions to the desired destination
  • Detailed information on locations
  • Video/audio assistance
Badging, Identity, and Access Management
Badging, Identity, and Access Management

Ensure secure and efficient access to government facilities for authorized personnel, vendors, and visitors.

  • Temporary badges on thermal paper
  • RFID cards
  • Identity verification
  • Biometrics and facial recognition
Self-Service Solutions
Self-Service Solutions

Empower citizens to complete routine tasks independently via self-service kiosks, reducing staff workload in public offices and service centers.

Selected Features

  • Configurable scenarios
  • Editable screens and menus
  • Digital signature
  • Document printing
  • Secure browser
Emergency Mustering and Evacuation Tracking
Emergency Mustering and Evacuation Tracking

Efficiently track and guide employees and visitors during critical events in government facilities, ensuring accurate headcounts and safety.

Selected Features

  • Emergency alerts and evacuation routes
  • Autonomous registration in safety zones
  • Real-time tracking and reporting

Hardware Options from friendlyway and Our Partners

As a single-source software and hardware supplier, we offer a range of proprietary interactive kiosks and partner devices.

Hardware Options from friendlyway and Our Partners
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We support the complete cycle of the visitor journey – from online pre-registration and invitation management through badging, compliance paperwork, and check-in at the building entrance to wayfinding, self-service, and signage onsite.

Visit planning and pre-registration online
Visit planning and pre-registration online

Create “events” and send multilingual template-based and editable email invitations containing PIN/QR codes for check-in. Ask visitors to complete the necessary paperwork, including agreements and questionnaires, online in advance.

Badging and check-in at lobby kiosks
Badging and check-in at lobby kiosks

Let the visitor self-register, sign electronic documents, and receive a printed badge or RFID card. Use automatic photo capturing and ID verification. Notify the host or security team and allow the visitor to pass the integrated PAM device (e.g., a turnstile) once approved.

Wayfinding and building navigation
Wayfinding and building navigation

Assist visitors with personalized interactive navigation instructions to help them reach a specific room or point of interest. You can add optional integration with badge barcodes and even offer a live video chat with support staff through MS Teams integration.

Room signage and in-room check-in
Room signage and in-room check-in

Like an airport’s flight information display system, digital signage displays provide real-time event schedules across your rooms with further information at each specific room. Additional scanners register visitors entering the room when necessary (e.g., in courtrooms).

Indoor and outdoor digital signage
Indoor and outdoor digital signage

Wall-mounted interactive and non-interactive displays welcome visitors, help them navigate across government offices, and provide visitor information. You can also use our weatherproof and vandal-resistant hardwired kiosks and displays outside the building.

Visitor self-service
Visitor self-service

Allow citizens to save time and reduce staff workload by offering self-service options via kiosks with integrated solutions. For example, visitors can make payments for government services, search information from databases, or print required documents.

Emergency mustering
Emergency mustering

During emergencies, display alerts on digital signage devices to inform employees and visitors about the actions they need to take, evacuation routes, and emergency contact information. Track all individuals and those registered in safety zones in real-time.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is a visitor management system for the government?

    A government visitor management system is a software solution designed to streamline and enhance the process of managing visitors at government agencies. Its key features include:

    • Secure check-in/check-out with ID verification and badge printing.
    • Pre-registration and automated invitation sending.
    • Integration with access control systems.
    • Visitor reports and real-time monitoring of visitor flow.
    Why should government offices use visitor management systems?

    Implementation of these systems offers the following benefits for government organizations:

    • Enhanced security, as only authorized individuals can access premises.
    • Increased efficiency through the streamlined visitor check-in process.
    • Ensured regulatory compliance due to saved records and audit trails.
    • Improved crisis management due to the facilitation of quick evacuation.
    What is friendlyway Cloud Platform?

    friendlyway Cloud Platform is a comprehensive, cloud-based software platform designed to support businesses in managing their digital transformation processes. Featuring plug-and-play modules and seamless integrations, it serves as a basis for friendlyway’s solutions addressing various operational needs, including visitor management, digital signage, badging, access management, self-service kiosk solutions, wayfinding, and workforce management.