Germany-based digital signage software and hardware company
Developing industry-leading solutions since 1998
25,000+ devices deployed across 69 countries

friendlyway Cloud Platform for Digitalized Communication & Experiences

Click-and-configure interactive digital experiences at your points-of-service
and work using our flexible cloud-native software platform

Why friendlyway?

Quick time to market
Cross-platform hardware support (Android and Microsoft)
Cloud-native platform, can be deployed On-Premises
Drag and drop content editor, code-free configuration
Less need for professional technicians to support the hardware
Pay-as-you-go licensing model
Out-of-the-box modules and pre-defined scenarios
Plug-and-play peripheral hardware support

Our Hardware

friendlyway’s state-of-the-art kiosks and digital signage hardware have been setting trends in the industry for over 23 years. Our unique combination of German quality and design allows us to create leading-edge solutions for clients across a wide range of industries – from art galleries and fashion events to industrial-grade solutions.

friendlyway Cloud Platform in a nutshell

Cloud-native platform – the backbone of our solutions. Can be deployed as an On-premises version.

friendlyway Cloud Platform

Create, schedule, and monitor interactive scenarios from a centralized, web-based environment.

friendlyway Content Player

Connect your fleet of digital signage devices to a single platform managed entirely from the cloud.

friendlyway Platform Modules

You can combine and use different modules to automate the processes you need

Cloud Platform and Kiosk Management
Visitor Management
Content Management
Audio/Video Assistant
Wayfinding Module
Room Signage
Integration Module
Reporting and Surveys Module
Staffing/Contingent Labor Automation
Secure Browser

Visitor management and self check-in for hospitality, retail, public services, entertainment, trade shows, healthcare, and business events

Employee and contractor registration, check-in, visit scheduling, and clock-in reporting

Ad playback, media content streaming, and visitor information displays

Elderly care and gated community access management, visitor and employee screening

Wayfinding and in-building navigation

Restricted field access to corporate applications and web portals from kiosks and tablets

Physical access control and integration with physical access management systems

Business Solutions


Our cloud-native platform and digital signage hardware solutions can be used across a wide range of industries and business scenarios

Car Dealerships
Airports and Transportation
Public Sector
Education Facilities
Trade Shows
Museums & Art Events

Customer Stories and Use Cases

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