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With the right kiosk system to be successful / Digital kiosk systems in various designs

If companies want to target customers with digital communication, you can do everything with a kiosk system from our extensive portfolio. With friendlyway, you will find a wide variety of kiosk systems according to your requirements, which we provide to you at extremely fair conditions. Addressing the needs of the target group is worthwhile in any case. If you would like to benefit from our excellent expertise in the area of Presentation Systems, you are at the right address at friendlyway.

Kiosk systems directly contact the customer

Years ago, we specialized in the production of very different kiosk terminals, information and Internet TerminalsPOS Displays and corresponding complete solutions. Friendlyway develops precisely the POS and kiosk systems, which generate the greatest possible attention at the respective target group. Take the time to look around and relax in the great friendlyway program and let all system solutions work for you. We are sure that we already have a kiosk system that meets your high expectations. If you also want individual features, so that the targeted terminal or display fits 100% to your company, we are always ready to talk.

Come and join us and tell the friendlyway experts how you want to act at the point of sale in the future. Since we are very experienced in this sector and can always react flexibly to any wishes concerning the special development of professional presentation systems, you are in good hands with us.

  • 32 inch display
  • Integrated printer
  • Scanner
  • 22 inch display
  • Phone option
  • pCap Touchscreen
  • 21 inch display
  • Integrated printer
  • Scanner
  • 19 inch, moving terminal
  • Interactive map
  • Printer option
  • 22 inch display
  • Integrated printer
  • Scanner

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Perfect kiosksystem for trade and public institutions

Authorities, banks and traders from all areas of the world like to access our excellent kiosks. You are undoubtedly on the right track when you approach the direct customer approach with a kiosk system from our home. We support you in reaching your target group and boosting sales.

A professional kiosk system is like a digital sign of the company, the authority or a bank. If you would like to take advantage of this attractive marketing tool, we would be glad to present you a solution that will inspire you and ultimately your customers and visitors. Contact us now if you would like a comprehensive consultation. As well-known experts in digital communications, we know which kiosk systems will suit you and give you the greatest possible attention.

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