Customized self-service solutions – friendlyway helps to target groups

So-called self-service solutions have long been no longer exclusively at the point of sale. These attractive terminals are also available to customers and visitors at trade fairs, roadshows, airports and railway stations as well as in banks. If you want to benefit from our self-service solutions, you should not waste any time and contact us. Take a look at and find the POS displays, interactive software solutions and presentation systems that you would like for your company or your agency. The latter have also recognized that self-service kiosk solutions are an important means of communication that should be used for themselves.


With self-service solutions to customers and visitors

The most important thing about kiosk solutions is that you get to the respective users and offers exactly what is required. This means that your customers and visitors are given a lot of information, explained the way, or are informed that a new product has appeared which is likely to interest them. If visually appealing self-service solutions can be used to motivate customers to deal with a product or a specific area, a lot has already been achieved as a trader or authority. Attract attention and profit sustainably – with the self-service solutions from friendlyway this is definitely possible.


For example the friendlyway classic 19

Classic self-service terminal for Internet applications, presentations and interactive programs