friendlyway android counter display 15,6″

friendlyway Digital Signage Platform


Android counter display with integrated Android Player

New and elegant 15.6 “Android counter display with integrated Android Player offers comprehensive usage possibilities for your point-of-sale / -of-interest.

The Full HD Monitor (available with / without PCAP-Touch) can be used as a playback device as well as for digital signage applications (APPs / CMS). The Internet connection is via WIFI, RJ45 or 3G module (optional).

Universal and flexible use for your shop / hotel / trade fair applications.


  • 15,6″
  • Full HD resolution
  • with/without PCAP touch screen (10 fingers)
  • Powerful Android PC
  • Compact design
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Robust housing
  • On and offline operation
  • Simple content management via the friendlyway composer software

Customer Service

  • Optimal application of your products directly on the shelf
  • Your end customers are actively supported in product selection
  • Different forms of advertising, such as video, sound and applications are possible thanks to a fully-fledged computer system
  • Thanks to its compact design and versatile mounting options, your valuable sales floor is minimally affected
  • A detailed resonance statistics provides information about the attractiveness of your offer and location
  • Low operational costs due to the possibility of remote maintenance and remote content management Thanks to the friendlyway composer software

Application Examples

  • Customer support for product selection: Interactive customer support in choosing the right product.
  • Product overview system: Database-based product overview for extensive product palettes.
  • Advertising system right at the point of sale: Sales support, digital output system of multimedial content

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