friendlyway android counter display 15,6″


Android counter display with integrated Android Player

New and elegant 15.6 “Android counter display with integrated Android Player offers comprehensive usage possibilities for your point-of-sale / -of-interest.

The Full HD Monitor (available with / without PCAP-Touch) can be used as a playback device as well as for digital signage applications (APPs / CMS). The Internet connection is via WIFI, RJ45 or 3G module (optional).

Universal and flexible use for your shop / hotel / trade fair applications.


  • 15,6″
  • Full HD resolution
  • with/without PCAP touch screen (10 fingers)
  • Powerful Android PC
  • Compact design
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Robust housing
  • On and offline operation
  • Simple content management via the friendlyway composer software

Customer Service

  • Optimal application of your products directly on the shelf
  • Your end customers are actively supported in product selection
  • Different forms of advertising, such as video, sound and applications are possible thanks to a fully-fledged computer system
  • Thanks to its compact design and versatile mounting options, your valuable sales floor is minimally affected
  • A detailed resonance statistics provides information about the attractiveness of your offer and location
  • Low operational costs due to the possibility of remote maintenance and remote content management Thanks to the friendlyway composer software

Application Examples

  • Customer support for product selection: Interactive customer support in choosing the right product.
  • Product overview system: Database-based product overview for extensive product palettes.
  • Advertising system right at the point of sale: Sales support, digital output system of multimedial content