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Marketing displays generate attention

Take advantage of our product diversity in digital communication and generate customer attention! With high-quality terminals and marketing displays, you can arouse the interest of the target group and address them specifically. In our portfolio you will find various product lines, which can be adapted to your individual needs. Take some time and let every display system work for you. Take advantage of our comprehensive know-how in the field of modern customer communication and apply your products at the point of sale, in banks and public institutions.

Marketing display as a view

A digital marketing display is noticeable! If a retailer, a bank or an agency wants to put something special in the first place, the high-quality marketing displays of friendlyway are on the safe side. Benefit from our many years of expertise in Display Advertising and ensure that your advertising message arrives directly at the target group and strengthens your corporate brand in this way. According to our experience, our POS Displays are especially helpful in supermarkets as the customers at the terminals can get comprehensive information.

If you use attractive marketing displays, the customer will be rewarded and remembered. Position yourself at the POS – our products are very useful to you.

  • 32 inch display
  • Integrated printer
  • Scanner
  • 22 inch display
  • Phone option
  • pCap Touchscreen
  • 21 inch display
  • Integrated printer
  • Scanner
  • 19 inch, moving terminal
  • Interactive map
  • Printer option
  • 22 inch display
  • Integrated printer
  • Scanner

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Friendlyway helps with new customer generation

We are your competent partner if you want to go new ways in the area of digital communication. For many years, we have set the standard for developing kiosk terminals, Infoterminals and marketing displays. Companies from all over the world use our convincing products, which stand for sustainability and offer real added value. If you want to bind your existing customers closer to you and to gain new customers, we will naturally support you.

Kiosk terminals are available, among other things, with light columns with multiform displays, two-sided displays as well as various complete systems. Which terminal is ultimately suitable for your needs, we can find out together. So do not hesitate to contact us, and get expert advice from experienced experts.

Take the opportunity to place yourself at the point of sale with the help of first-class marketing displays. With our terminals and displays, we ensure that you will receive attention.

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