friendlyway waiter 17

friendlyway Digital Signage Platform


Kiosk solution for wall mounting for internet applications and interactive programs

The compact kiosk solution friendlyway waiter 17 gives you a great appearance even in the smallest space due to space-saving wall mounting

The slender silhouette of the system is underlined by the tapered side profiles.

The retrofit multifunctional plate of the friendlyway waiter 17 allows you to install additional hardware components, even afterwards.

Thanks to the optionally integrable heating system, the system can be retrofitted for use in weather-protected outdoor areas.

The friendlyway waiter 17 is a timeless all-rounder that can easily adapt to all everyday requirements.


  • Compact wall mounting system
  • Semi-outdoor use
  • Flexible and retrofittable
  • Robust housing
  • Suitable for clinics and public areas
  • Space-saving design
  • Made in Germany, Manufactured according to ISO 9001

Customer Service

  • Any extensibility, with components of your choice, via the integrated multifunctional plate
  • Integration into the smallest spaces thanks to space-saving wall mounting
  • “Semi” -Outdoor capability through the installation of a system heating system
  • The modular design of the system, combined with the high space availability, ensures almost any extensibility
  • Implementation of your functional and operating concepts through the individualized system front
  • Best presentation of your content via the bright 17-inch display with brilliant picture reproduction
  • Particularly simple system maintenance by conveniently accessible front unit
  • Space for the installation and operation of transaction units (cash, EC & credit / RFID cards)
  • Optional security mechanisms for cash management
  • The appearance fits in any ambience and can be individually customized (color, logo, customer-specific design, etc.)
  • Perfect as a complete system for use at the point of sale, in the public environment or in your company
  • Ideal for the realization of different project scenarios thanks to extensive choice of options
  • Long-term use of your system, thanks to high-quality and stable processing

Application Examples

  • Receptionist: As a virtual receptionist, the system finds application in foyers and entrance areas thanks to the integrated telephone option and the built-in display.
  • Credit Card Credit in company kantines: Cash on canteen cards.
  • Self-service system in restaurants: Order and payment processing is carried out independently by the customer via the system.
  • Employee Information System (MIS): Output of company-internal information to employees.
  • Customer Loyalty System (Coupon): Expressing coupons and vouchers for customers.

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