Software as a Service from friendlyway – Flexible and All-round Trouble-free!

friendlyway Digital Signage Platform

friendlyway composer 9 is one of the most frequently used standard digital signage software solutions in the world. Customers from all industries are convinced by the optimal price-performance ratio, absolute stability, and the intuitive user interface.

As of now, friendlyway is also offering the composer 9 Software as a Service.

SaaS has many advantages over the purchase of the license. If the license is acquired, the end user has to provide the complete infrastructure himself. The license supplier is responsible only for the given range of functions after installation and distribution. In case of Software as a Service the name says it all: the application is delivered to the customer not in the form of a product, but is provided in the form of a service, which as a rule contains a big part of the necessary infrastructure.

The scope of services of the composer 9 SaaS model

In case of the digital signage software friendlyway composer 9 the SaaS model is an all-round trouble-free package. Dependently on the scope of configuration this includes:

  • friendlyway composer 9 professional for rent for 6 / 12 / 24 / 36 months as an editing unit for digital signage projects
  • friendlyway player 9 for rent for 6 / 12 / 24 / 36 months as a playing unit for composer shows
  • hosting media and content, which are shown on the distributed clients as integral elements of composer shows
  • the necessary network accesses and @caster accesses for all player stations
  • complete software maintenance
  • free use of friendlyway support, including hotline
  • monitoring of the operation of the client stations and if necessary repairing malfunctions per remote access by the friendlyway service team

Of course the composer SaaS model is excellently completed by the distributed content editing of friendlyway @caster. The corresponding online accesses to the decentralized content maintenance are present in the SaaS model as general network accesses for the update of the composer show.

Combination with the hardware – Digital Communication as a Service

For the complex and multilayer projects friendlyway also provides on the basis of the described SaaS model even more advanced approach. Together with the leasing companies friendlyway develops a model, which makes possible the supply of all the components necessary for the project for a small monthly rate.

This approach of friendlyway and friendlyway sales partners has many advantages. The deterrent start-up investment and divided responsibilities are eliminated from the beginning. The client is offered not any technology or program, but a complete overall solution.

The Software as a Service idea is crucial here. The payment is made by regular small amounts; the necessary components of a successful digital signage project are taken into consideration.

The Software as a Service model is offered all over the world from the middle of 2010 through the friendlyway network of sales partners.

About friendlyway

friendlyway has specialized on the development and marketing of standard software and system solutions for digital advertising displays (Digital Signage) and interactive kiosk systems. The developed for this purpose technological solutions have been marketed for 12 years in Europe, Asia, and the USA. At present there are 30.000 friendlyway solutions installed. For further information please visit our homepage:

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