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The client needs complete solutions! Exactly under this slogan the Munich-based manufacturer of digital signage and self-service kiosk products offers complete “peace of mind solutions” with the possibility of enhancement in the future.

The first element of this marketing strategy is represented by the “all from a single source” solutions for room signage.

The usage of display systems for representation of digital room booking information increasingly gains popularity in the conference zones of hotels, public institutions, and companies.

Advantages and application

The motivation for the deployment of this modern form of room signage instead of an exchangeable print-out or plug letters in many cases is the image. The room occupancy data, event title, and time period are represented completely automated in the corporate identity of the respective company. This creates an impression of a modern healthy company and ensures the outstanding reputation.

Meanwhile the return on investment for a digital door sign is quickly achieved. The individual costs of the digital door sign investment are compensated by the reduced costs of the paper signage, because there is no more need to continuously replace papers. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the doorsign software reads the data to be displayed from an Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar, XML or CSV files (Excel sheets) and even from the hotel management system Opera from Micros Fidelio. With friendlyway solution the time-consuming manual room booking and signage becomes a thing of the past: the complete process is fully automated.

The technical state-of-the-art

In the centre of all friendlyway solutions there is the core product friendlyway composer 9. It has been used already for many years around the world and serves, among other things, for the administration and monitoring of digital room identification. Therefore the room booking information can be integrated into the typical for the digital signage loop from, for example, company information, infotainment, or advertisement.

The usage of customized templates ensures the correct and visually appealing display of the data. The data can be displayed directly near the room on displays from 12 to 19 inches. Alternatively, a large overview display can be used, which shows booking data on several rooms at the same time. By request it is possible to create an overview with arrows, which point in the direction of the corresponding conference room.

The complete solution is a combination of a friendlyway display system in the desired size (room display or overview display) and DisplayDRIVE software of the mediaDIALOG company. The hardware can be flush mounted or surface mounted on the wall. A wireless connection to the screen per W-LAN is possible.

Within friendlyway complete solution, which includes friendlyway composer 9, the room booking information can be presented not only on the PC-based systems. friendlyway offers low-cost displays based on the photo frames technology, which considerably reduces cost of the complete solution.

The door signs and overview displays more than meet the high design standards of the elaborately furnished conference zones and entrance areas.


friendlyway already has a number of doorsign systems, used by such clients as the Raiffeisen Group, Finstral, and Philipp Morris International. The enormous success is explained by the combination of the friendlyway composer software, the room booking software, and the cost effective display systems based on the photo frame technology. For the 2nd half 2010 an active marketing through the world-wide partner network and a number of marketing actions is planned.

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