Digital Signage in Manufacturing

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Digital signage in manufacturing

Overview of Manufacturing Digital Signage

Digital signage in manufacturing denotes the use of electronic display screens to demonstrate visual information and multimedia to the company staff and visitors. For example, these centrally controlled content distribution platforms can show live weather forecasts, news, TV, menus, flight schedules, calendars, and adverts. Given the projection that the global digital signage market will reach USD 27.3 billion by 2029, it’s evident that this technology has firmly established itself for the long term.

This advanced technology offers a multitude of benefits for the manufacturing industry. Digital signage makes workplaces safer, streamlines employee communication, and makes workflows more efficient and productive. Read on to learn more about digital signage and how it can improve manufacturing processes.

Digital Signage Uses

Compliance reminders

Providing information regarding workplace safety

Employees can receive important safety information, including real-time updates on workplace conditions, hazards, and safety protocols.

Reminding employees of rules of conduct

Digital signs serve as effective reminders for employees to adhere to safety regulations, such as wearing personal protective equipment and following safety procedures.

Reinforcing best practices

By displaying instructions and guidelines for efficient work, digital signage helps optimize operational efficiency and reduce errors in manufacturing processes.

Metrics and production data

Performance metrics

Digital signage in manufacturing can display real-time data, KPIs, and performance metrics like production lines and efficiency charts. Integration with various databases allows for the presentation of live updates on production metrics and inventory figures.

Lean manufacturing updates

You can display real-time Lean Manufacturing updates, such as production schedules and progress towards lean goals, through interactive displays. Thanks to integration with Lean Manufacturing systems like ERP, QMS, and MRP, manufacturers streamline operations and improve overall efficiency while also promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Employee engagement

Highlights and recognition

Companies can highlight employee achievements, milestones, and successes, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation. By showcasing individual and team accomplishments in a visible and engaging manner, you can boost motivation and a sense of pride among employees.

Holidays and milestones

During holidays and significant milestones, businesses display festive messages, greetings, and celebrations. By acknowledging special occasions through personalized messages and visuals, the technology helps strengthen employee relationships and a positive work environment in the manufacturing setting.

Workplace safety enhancement

Real-time safety messaging and alerts

Digital signage can display real-time updates, alerts, and messages, improving safety compliance and reducing work-related incidents.

Training for employees

You can also offer training and instructional videos, quizzes, risk assessment templates, and tutorials to enhance employee understanding of safety protocols.

Two-way communication

Digital signage allows employees to provide feedback or report safety concerns directly through the display.

Strategic placement

Strategically positioning digital signage at key locations within the manufacturing facility, such as entrances, exits, high-traffic areas, manufacturing floors, and zones with specific hazards, can immediately capture the attention of employees, visitors, and delivery personnel.

Company news and communications

Announcements and changes

Digital manufacturing signage is often used to broadcast company news and announcements, ensuring employees are informed of important updates, changes in policies, and company-wide initiatives. By displaying real-time updates, digital signage helps keep employees engaged and informed, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Feedback and content

This technology also serves as a platform for employees to provide feedback and suggestions, encouraging open communication and engagement. By integrating interactive features, it facilitates two-way communication, enabling employees to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns with management.

Wayfinding and navigation

For wayfinding and navigation, you can provide interactive manufacturing digital signage solutions that display building maps, office listings, and event programs to help visitors navigate large, multi-building facilities. These digital wayfinding systems offer real-time directions, maps, and information, enhancing the user’s navigational experience and enabling individuals to locate specific areas with ease.

Digital Signage Uses in Manufacturing

Key Benefits of Digital Signage in Manufacturing

Increased productivity

Displays visualize real-time metrics and key performance indicators, enabling employees to monitor workflows and processes. This visibility enhances efficiency and helps identify bottlenecks.

Engaged staff

Companies boost employee engagement through visual displays that help recognize workers, meet goals, and create an inclusive work environment, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation.

Improved health and safety

Effective communication of safety information can be achieved through visual displays, helping to limit workplace injuries by providing reminders about safety protocols, hazards, and health and safety tips.

Enhanced corporate communications

Businesses facilitate clear and efficient communication within an organization through visual displays, relaying important information, company events, and corporate headlines to employees, visitors, and stakeholders.

Streamlined internal applications

The integration of a robust digital content management system with visual displays helps showcase real-time production data and manage schedules and tasks.

LEAN workplace

You can enhance lean manufacturing through visual displays, which can be used to improve communication, show key performance indicators (KPIs), reduce waste, promote safety, and empower employees with real-time data and visual management tools.

Impact of Digital Signage on Efficiency

Through the use of visual displays, businesses improve supply chain visibility, operations monitoring, and workforce engagement. To aid better coordination with suppliers, digital signage solutions allow real-time updates on production schedules, inventory levels, and delivery times.

Choosing the Right Digital Signage

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool that you can use in various ways to engage and inform audiences. There are several types of digital signage, including:

  1. Dynamic signage displays pictures and videos on screens inside or outside using technologies like LCD and LED. The content is scheduled to be shown at specific times based on the audience and goals.
  2. Automated digital signage is commonly used in places such as bus or train stations to display information like arrival times.
  3. Advertising signage is used for attention-grabbing ads in busy cities near highways or in subways, bus stops, or urban spots.
  4. Interactive signage allows users to interact with the content being displayed using touchscreens, motion sensors, cameras, and voice recognition.
  5. Smart kiosks have evolved over the years, offering a smart way to communicate and navigate in office spaces, hotels, and convention centers, providing information and promotions to guests.

When choosing the right type for your business, it’s important to consider factors like size, screen type, features, and appropriate digital signage software. Different types are better suited for different purposes, such as indoor or outdoor use, and can be used to display a variety of content, including images, videos, text, and interactive elements.

Utilize Digital Signage

friendlyway Digital Signage supports a variety of content formats

Signage features for manufacturing

Digital signage in manufacturing offers a range of features that can help improve workplace safety, employee communication, productivity, and operational efficiency at the manufacturing facility. These features include:

Scalability and flexibility

Your solution should be able to adapt to the growing business needs. For example, the system should be ready to add new displays and ensure their smooth functioning with the rest of the system.

Centralized management

Centralized management ensures efficient control over manufacturing information displays. Managers can provide real-time information and introduce updates and changes to the whole system when necessary.

Multi-zone layouts

With a multi-zone layout, you can divide the screen into several sections, which allows users to view different content, such as videos, text, and images, simultaneously.

Secure data sharing

Thanks to user access control, manufacturing companies can safeguard sensitive information and prevent liability issues. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about problems with security anymore — digital signage systems will protect the data for you.

Remote monitoring and diagnostics

With the remote access option, companies maintain network health, improve productivity, and quickly resolve issues with minimal disruption of operations.

Predictive analytics

Thanks to data analysis based on artificial intelligence algorithms, you can predict when machinery is likely to fail or malfunction. Manufacturers can easily identify anomalies and patterns to prevent technical issues in the production line.

Future of Manufacturing Digital Signage

The future of digital signage for manufacturing will be characterized by several significant trends:

  • Integration of AI and automation. The integration of AI and automation will streamline processes, reduce errors, and enable personnel to focus on higher-value tasks. AI-powered analytics will provide deeper insights into customer behavior for targeted content.
  • Transition to cloud-based solutions. Manufacturing businesses will increasingly adopt cloud-based systems for enhanced security and cost-effectiveness.
  • Adoption of 4K and 8K displays. High-resolution displays will offer more immersive experiences, making them appealing for businesses seeking to capture audience attention.
  • Rise of programmatic advertising. Precise audience targeting and automation in ad buying, display, and optimization will become more prevalent both online and in physical spaces.
  • Increase in audience interactivity. Expect more interactive features like tabletop ordering, built-in games, and personalized displays. Non-touch options using gestures and voice control will gain traction as well.
  • Analytics. Facial recognition and sentiment analysis will provide valuable customer insights, enabling businesses to tailor content and improve the overall customer experience.

Enhancing Outcomes with Digital Signage

Digital signage is an effective solution to streamline business operations and increase productivity in the manufacturing sector. What is more, it boosts morale with employee recognition and cultural celebrations, fostering a cohesive and efficient work environment.

This technology is a great investment for those who are open to inviting change and upgrading their business processes. Implementing digital signage opens doors to innovative marketing strategies, optimizes workflows, and paves the way for future business growth.

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