The Municipality of the Town of Schwechat Focuses on friendlyway Pillars

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Electronic signage brings customers with purchasing power into specialty stores

Ideas invigorate business. That is the slogan for the retail sales association of the Austrian municipality of the town of Schwechat. The town near the Vienna airport has masterminded a digital customer signage system, which can be utililized by customers in the interior of the town for easier orientation within the range of products of specialty stores. For this, large interactive pillars with screens were installed at highly frequented locations. Citizens and tourists in Schwechat can search on a touch-sensitive screen for products, but also for points of interest, events and concerts.

The pillars being used are from the Advertising Screen Specialist friendlyway in Munich. Schwechat has decided on installations in interior areas as well as exterior areas of the town. For the exterior area, so-called friendlyway arctic systems are utilized. These systems are weatherproof and protected from vandalism and come with an integrated air conditioning system to protect the system from overheating or undercooling. For the interior areas, so-called friendlyway impress systems are used, which the Munich company supplies with screens measuring up to 132 cm on the diagonal.

„I am especially pleased that we are part of the cutting-edge in Austria, making use of this completely new way of digital signage and information system“, remarks Hannes Fazekas, the mayor of the municipality of Schwechat. „These systems provide an additional chance for Schwechater businesses to introduce their products and services to the public“, says Manfred Merten, who manages the project from the design and technical standpoint.

„We see a large trend to digital advertising in public life. The municipality of Schwechat has already put into action today what might become standard in the coming years: That citizens can equally access the digital range of products in towns and communities and that not only through private internet access but also from public places“, notes friendlyway’s manager Joachim Veigel.

About friendlyway

friendlyway has specialized on the development and marketing of standard software and system solutions for digital advertising displays (digital signage) and interactive kiosk systems. The technological solutions developed for this purpose have been marketed in Europe, Asia and in the US for 10 years. At the present time, over 20.000 friendlyway solutions have been installed already.

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