New Generation of friendlyway composer Software!

friendlyway Digital Signage Platform

Recently released version offers numerous new functions

Munich-based IT firm friendlyway presents the latest version of its friendlyway composer 7 software. The software allows users to control and update digital content on screens and projection surfaces (so-called “digital signage”). friendlyway’s digital signage software is used, for example, to control and update screens in display windows at Fortis Bank, L’TUR travel offices, BMW AG branches, Roche Pharma AG and numerous other clients across Europe and the USA. 

The latest version of the software allows screens to be turned on and off at preset times without the need for serial cable connections. This greatly increases the life expectancy of screens, making their operation more cost-efficient.

Previously, presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint were converted to video or Flash format to ensure greater protection against malfunction. The newest generation, however, allows the direct integration of Microsoft PowerPoint. This improves the quality of the display. friendlyway’s developers have been able to overcome the disadvantages of continuously running Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint can now run more reliably in continuous mode as an integrated component of friendlyway composer.

The newest version of friendlyway composer lets you insert entire friendlyway composer projects into screen sections. This allows easier editing of projects by different users. Editors can now create and save friendlyway composer projects from different locations. The content is then displayed automatically in the designated sections of the display media.

Previous versions already allowed the integration of so-called RSS feeds (self-updating internet news streams) into friendlyway composer. Until now, this was only possible with text content. However, the new generation of digital signage software allows the integration of RSS image files and HTML documents as well.

friendlyway composer 7 is available in five languages (German, English, French, Spanish and Russian) and will be marketed in Europe, the USA and Asia.

About friendlyway

friendlyway is a renowned specialist in the development and marketing of standard software and system solutions for digital signage and interactive kiosk systems. friendlyway’s specially developed technological solutions for advertising have been marketed in Europe, Asia and the USA for the past ten years. More than 20,000 friendlyway solutions are currently installed.

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