friendlyway Unveils Giant Touch-Sensitive Advertising Kiosk

friendlyway Digital Signage Platform

Digital advertising columns with massive 52-inch touch screen display

friendlyway, a specialist in interactive digital signage, presents its giant digital advertising kiosks for the first time ever. In the past, conventional posters and advertising displays were neither backlit nor did they include animation or moving pictures, and they definitely were not interactive. With the 90 x 52 inch screen in the new advertising displays, friendlyway is now able to offer an interactive advertising medium for high-traffic public spaces such as lobbies, train stations, airports, and government offices.

The name of giant digital advertising kiosks—friendlyway impress 52—expresses the intent of this new medium. Through the sheer size of its display, the kiosk is meant to impress and attract the attention of potential customers as they pass by. Plus, these vertical screens are not only gigantic, they are also interactive. When you touch them with your finger, they react. Furthermore, by selecting this advertising medium, businesses can communicate their messages to customers in a playful and interactive manner. (Please see).

Possible applications for this medium include the ability to display a list of hotels and tourist attractions in the area or a map of shops and other facilities in large shopping malls. Let us now look at one such example of this. In the Austrian town of Schwechat, the advertising association of local retailers has recently installed a number of friendlyway impress kiosks in the downtown area. Since then, the number of shoppers visiting the downtown area and the associated shops has been growing.

“This product is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the massive trend towards digital signage,” states Karl-Joachim Veigel, Head of Sales at friendlyway. “We see this movement reflected in two key developments: First, advertising is becoming interactive. And secondly, there is a shift towards ever larger and brighter displays.”

The friendlyway impress 52 kiosks are now available from friendlyway AG dealers in Germany, Europe and the Americas.

About friendlyway

friendlyway is a renowned specialist in the development and marketing of standard software and system solutions for digital signage and interactive kiosk systems. friendlyway’s specially developed technological solutions have been marketed in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. for the past ten years. More than 20,000 friendlyway solutions are currently installed.

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