friendlyway Product Innovations at the Essen Trade Show

friendlyway Digital Signage Platform

The presentation at the Kiosk and Digital Signage Trade Show in Essen was a decided success. It accumulated 25% more prospects and customers than in 2008.

friendlyway introduced a series of product innovations at the Kiosk and Digital Signage Trade Show in Essen from May 5 – 7, 2009. Specifically, the following systems were showcased. An interactive point-of-sale Advice Terminal that can be placed on any shelf. The a-sign 12 presents active decision-making assistance to the customer. A high-end and durable digital signage product for any application

An interactive, wall-mounted kiosk system, designed especially as a web surfing or employee support system.

…and software products:

friendlyway composer 9

The new version and successor of friendlyway’s successful composer family now significantly simplifies template creation. As an open platform, composer 9 is capable of creating additional Content Partner templates for specific target groups. friendlyway composer 9 also significantly broadens user areas of application.

friendlyway @caster

Developed for a media-independent branch concept and users with little IT knowledge, this module makes the local use of Digital Signage Systems pleasurable. Even IT laymen can learn @caster in minutes. These systems are available now, and the software will be available at the end of July.

In addition to these new products, the company has also started two notable initiatives:

Digital Communication as a Service

friendlyway now offers its customers and channel partners the opportunity to define a comprehensive all-round package from the system delivery, services corresponding to the Service Level Agreement, and system content to updates. According to customer demand, individual packages can be combined with a financing concept.

Content Partnerships

„Content King“ strengthens the utilization of Digital Signage Systems. Without tailored content for a target group, a Digital Signage concept typically fizzles out and frustrates users. Due to the open platform of composer 9, the licensee has the alternative to develop customer-specific templates with the use of the composer 9 Content Kit: the entire world of digital signage!

As a whole, friendlyway is very satisfied with its performance at the trade show. As stated above, there were 25% more prospects and customers than seen in the previous year. Additionally, the new VAR Partner Program generated a lot of interest.

Conclusion: Attending the trade show paid off!

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