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Duhamel focuses on friendlyway composer 7 Software for vehicle multimedia

The French market leader for multimedia applications in public mass transit „Duhamel“ has decided on the friendlyway composer 7 Software for Windows XP embedded. Screens in buses, streetcars and trains are updated, controlled and monitored with the software. Via the screen applications (so-called „digital signs“ or „out of home media“), passengers can inform themselves not only about transit connections, but also about attractions on the individual stopovers. When a bus or a streetcar stops at a stopover, the screen displays commercial content, for example about the nearest restaurant, beauty or barber shop, bank or other vendors. The screens are already installed in more than 12.000 vehicles in France and in other European countries.

„We have decided on the friendlyway composer 7 Software for Windows XP embedded, because we believe they are currently the most user friendly and reliable software on the market.“ „Since our systems are all operated with Windows XP embedded, the friendlyway composer 7 software has a clearly unique position in the market place with the embedded version“ says Alain AUE, General Manager and co-owner of Duhamel.

Duhamel, who is one of the most innovative and successful companies in the field of vehicle media in Europe, designs, manufactures, installs and services communication systems for all buses and coaches (signs, cctv, multimedia screens,…). For that reason we are very pleased to be working with Duhamel, since the requirements of this specialized customer give us the chance to expand the technological advantage of the friendlyway composer 7 software even further, compared to the competition.“ notes friendlyway’s Corporate Manager Klaus Trox. We are convinced that the importance of computers operated with „Thin Clients“ and also with Linux or Windows XP embedded will increase in the future in digital „Out of home“ advertising.

The friendlyway composer 7 software has been successfully used as digital signage or out of home advertising software, among others at BMW, Sixt, numerous banks and other chain stores, who focus on digital advertising screens. Further information can be found on the composer.

More information regarding information systems for exterior applications can be found under: friendlyway arctic 32 for interior applications check: friendlyway digital signage systems.

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friendlyway has specialized on the development and marketing of standard software and system solutions for digital advertising displays (digital signage) and interactive kiosk systems. The technological solutions developed for this purpose have been marketed in Europe, Asia and in the US for 10 years. Currently more than 20.000 friendlyway solutions are installed.

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