friendlyway wayfinding running on friendlyway impress

friendlyway offers a simple and intimate yet comprehensive solution, which can be installed in public places. The friendlyway routing system provides the user with a detailed map that visualizes several floors. Via the integrated touch screen, the user can select his or her destination from the list or directly on the map. The desired location is then automatically marked on the map and the system displays the way to it.

In addition, the user receives useful additional information about the desired destination, for example in the form of a detailed description of the shop and pictures of the store interior and assortment.

In addition, the friendlyway routing system provides the user with a management interface that does not require programming to make changes to the content. The content can be changed within a few minutes and appear in real-time on all desired screens.

Our video tour gives you an overview of the features and features of the friendlyway wayfinding solution.


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  • Interactive, detailed map of each storey with names of shops, services, etc.
  • Pathfinding functionality that shows the way to the destination
  • Interactive list of destinations, sorted by categories or in alphabetical order
  • Modern, attractive touchscreen-capable user interface with animation elements
  • Additional information, including description of the store and interactive banners
  • Presentation of contextual advertising content as a slideshow, animation or video
  • Search function
  • Extensive administration interface for fast content change without special knowledge
  • Central data management for several terminals
  • Extensive evaluation tools for determining the number of clicks on product groups, brands, and time periods


  • Increase in sales for the individual stores, as their locations and products are easier to find
  • Increase customer satisfaction through better navigation in the business and the provision of detailed product information
  • Generate additional revenue by placing advertising
  • Increasing the image of the shopping center as a modern and innovative company
  • Improvement of the customer service by evaluating the visitor behavior
  • More efficient customer service since frequently asked questions about the system can be answered and the staff thus more time for the pure service remains


Recommended Hardware
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