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How friendlyway Visitor Management Works

We support the complete cycle of the visitor journey – from event planning, invitation management, badging, compliance, paperwork, and visitor guidance to visitor check-out, attendance reports, and follow-up emails and surveys.

Manage events and visitors
Manage events and visitors

Create, edit, and manage events, invitations, and visitors in the visitor management module. The solution supports multiple event notification types.

Customize your onsite visitor experience
Customize your onsite visitor experience

Plan every step of the visitor experience – self-service check-in, badge/RFID card printing, wayfinding, and digital signage. Other features include email notifications, agreement and questionnaire screen flows during check-in, different check-out settings, and numerous hardware integrations.

Integrate with your physical access management solutions
Integrate with your physical access management solutions

The visitor management module can be integrated with security turnstiles and other physical access management hardware, allowing for a seamless and automated visitor check-in process.

Improve your visitor navigation and wayfinding processes
Improve your visitor navigation and wayfinding processes

After verifying the visitor’s credentials, the system will provide interactive navigation instructions to a point of interest or specific location within the organization’s facilities.

Provide guided visits from kiosk to destination
Provide guided visits from kiosk to destination

When a company’s or building’s security policy requires it, you can introduce a “guided visit” procedure. Upon a visitor’s check-in, the assigned host is notified and proceeds to the kiosk to confirm the visitor’s identity and issue an access badge. The host can then choose to accompany the visitor or offer the kiosk’s wayfinding option.

Assist your clients with video/audio calling capabilities
Assist your clients with video/audio calling capabilities

Users can request immediate live support and receive prompt answers to their questions by chatting with the built-in Video/Audio Assistant.

Collect post-visit surveys, access logs, and reports
Collect post-visit surveys, access logs, and reports

After an event, the friendlyway platform can send post-visit questionnaires and surveys asking visitors to provide feedback about their experience and your brand. The solution also features in-depth reporting, logs, and analytics.

Why friendlyway Visitor Management?

Provide exceptional visitor experience

Improve the security and safety of your premises

Deliver high-quality visitor navigation and support

Ensure compliance with legal requirements and regulations

Reduce waiting times and improve customer satisfaction

Learn more about your visitors, customers, and employees via real-time reporting

Provide customized experiences to every visitor

Define every step of the visitor experience as you need, to provide the best possible
services to your visitors, customers, partners, and employees.

  • Visitor
  • Guest
  • Client
  • Prospect
  • Contractor
  • Service worker
  • Employee
  • Patient
  • Service provider
  • Inspector
  • Auditor
Off-the-shelf scenarios
Event planning

Event scheduling

Personalized invitations to visitors

Outlook integration


Pre-visit registration forms

Compliance and security verification

Policy and guideline approval by the visitor

Check-in and registration

Visitor check-in using ID / QR Code from the invitation or name

Registration form and questionnaire completion by the visitor onsite

Document signing by the visitor

Badge printing / access card disbursement


Visit approval and onsite visitor escort

Video chat with a host / support team at a kiosk

Display at a kiosk / printing of a facility map with directions

Security and safety

Integration with physical access control

Real-time visitor location and reporting

Emergency alert and evacuation route display

Visitor check-in at a muster point for emergency events

Check-out / post-visit support

Badge collection

Post-visit surveys and reminders

Visit logs and reporting

See all capabilities of friendlyway Cloud Platform
for visitor management in action

Highlighted Capabilities of friendlyway Visitor Management Solution

Highlighted Capabilities of friendlyway Visitor Management Solution

Leverage powerful platform features for unique, personalized visitor experiences

Highly customizable visitor registration process
Deploy to your devices in just one click
Cloud and on-premises deployment modes
Integration with physical access management solutions and devices
Integration with badge printers, RFID card dispensers, and government ID readers
Quick access to visitor reporting and analytics
Emergency alarm mode
Over ten plug and play off the shelf modules
Video tagging at check-in / check-out
Multi-language support
ADA feature support
Cross-platform: Windows and Android support

Why Choose friendlyway?

friendlyway combines 25+ years of domain expertise with the latest technologies to create best-in-class solutions

Fast ROI

Set up in minutes and save hours. Use a flexible subscription model


Enjoy a platform designed and built specifically for the cloud

Flexible & easy to use

Combine modules as you need and create intricate workflows with simple drag-and-drop


Easily integrate the platform with other hardware and software

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