friendlyway e-wall 32

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Our self-service transactional “allrounder” e-wall 32 is a self-service ekiosk especially for transactions of all kinds, which leaves nothing to be desired – not even with regard to your personal design & function layout – which we adapt perfectly to your requirements at. Available for indoor and semi-outdoor applications.

Never before have eKiosk systems, credit card or NFC transactions been so compact and intuitive to use: your customer comes, chooses his desired product or the service of his choice, corrects or validates his input – and pays for the system within a few transactional seconds. He will immediately receive a receipt and / or a pick-up number.

No more tedious waiting times for your customers and more sales for you – without additional salespersons.

Whether your customer wants to pay electronically with a credit card or “NFC payment”, the friendlyway e-wall 32 accepts all current electronic payment methods.

With the help of illuminated advertising surfaces (digital signage), individual gluing or colored lacquering, the design can be easily adapted to the corporate design of your company.

Each unit is manufactured and equipped according to your wishes. The extensive selection of options makes it possible to expand the functions of the terminal exactly according to your requirements. The entry-level multi-touch screen, barcode reader, the 80 mm receipt printer, the high-resolution webcam and the extensive electronic payment options are particularly popular.

This makes the friendlyway e-wall 32 a transaction system exactly tailored to your needs, an ekiosk that meets all modern requirements and completes every self-service ambience through design and function.


  • Robust transaction “allrounder”
  • Indoor or “semi-outdoor”
  • 32 “Full HD multitouch display for the best interactivity
  • Highest processing quality
  • Made exactly according to your specifications, wishes and requirements
  • Fits exactly in your company ambience
  • Very robust construction, thus extremely stable and particularly suitable for use in areas with a lot of public transport
  • Customizability through special color, foil gluing and equipment
  • Designed in Germany, Manufactured according to ISO 9001

Customer Service

  • No waiting times “with the” EASY ORDER “” all-in-one “transaction system
  • Or:
  • Charging of Telekom Sim cards
  • Printout of invoices
  • Payment system for electricity, heating, water
  • Best presentation of your sales and service items via the grand 32 “luminous multi-touch display with brilliant image reproduction
  • Check-in, check-out and loyalty applications, customer surveys and opinion surveys can also be implemented quickly and easily via the touchscreen
  • Design your very own terminal with our numerous additional options
  • Image enhancement through the use of state-of-the-art technology in an exclusive design
  • Fits in every ambience and can be combined with all styles
  • Long-term use of your system, thanks to the high-quality and stable processing

Application Examples

  • Active, additional sales channel (EASY ORDER, QUICK PAYMENT) On request with video connection to your “in house” specialists
  • Information eKiosk for indoor and outdoor applications Output of relevant information from, for example, tourist offices, city information, etc.

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