friendlyway classic 32 curved

friendlyway Digital Signage Platform


The friendlyway design classic is now available with ergonomically curved 32″ display and PCap Multitouch for impressive presentations and interactive programs

As the first friendlyway product, the friendlyway classic has been world-class for the classic form of self-service terminals for years. This makes him the model of modern information technology.

The huge 32″ display with the latest Multitouch technology opens up the possibility to realize fascinating presentations in the high format in an extremely compact way.

The lightly curved, slim body made of anodised aluminum creates a timeless appearance. An individual appearance is created by high-gloss lacquering or foil bonding.

The system can be used for all classic and internet-based computer applications. As a complete system, it considerably reduces the installation and transport costs. The retractable foot minimizes the size of the device for transport and makes the friendlyway classic 32 curved straightforward for use at trade fairs and events to your interactive friend, that you no longer want to miss.

Each unit is manufactured and equipped according to your wishes. The extensive selection of options makes it possible to extend the functions of the terminal. The entry-level multi-touch screen, barcode reader, 80 mm receipt printer and the high-resolution webcam are particularly popular.

This makes the friendlyway classic 32 curved a system which is tailored to your needs and meets all modern requirements and completes every ambience through design and elegance.


  • Design Classics. Made entirely of aluminum and glass
  • Highest processing quality
  • Fits in any ambience
  • Only 4.7 cm deep, despite 32″ display and numerous options
  • Foldable base plate, easy to transport, and especially suitable for use on trade fairs
  • Customizable by foil bonding
  • Designed in Germany, Manufactured according to ISO 9001

Customer Service

  • Best presentation of your content via the bright 32 inch display with brilliant picture reproduction
  • Perfect as a complete system for your events and trade fairs
  • Customer surveys and opinion surveys can be implemented quickly and easily via the touchscreen
  • Design your very own terminal with our numerous additional options
  • Image enhancement through the use of state-of-the-art technology in an exclusive design
  • Fits in every ambience and can be combined with all styles
  • Long-term use of your system, thanks to the high-quality and stable processing possible

Application Examples

  • Product and information presentation: Active and passive product presentation with optional operation by the user.
  • Measuring terminal: Expansion of the trade fair presence through modern information systems.
  • Internet terminal: Internet access in public areas via tamper-resistant hardware and software.
  • Employee Information System (EIS): Output of company-internal information for employees.
  • Customer information system in the entrance area: Output of information for visitors and customers.

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