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Customer communication times differently! Anyone who can imagine publishing company news, advertising films, slogans and other news on an attention-grabbing Video Wall should look very carefully in our portfolio. With friendlyway you can order an impressive screen wall at attractive conditions, which will impress your target group. Get a comprehensive overview and find out about all the advantages, functions and system requirements on our website.


A video wall can not be overlooked

The big advantage with a screen or video wall is that you definitely can not miss it. Friendlyway provides an easy-to-use application that lets you create, manage, and manage a video wall. The video wall software supports all image formats, the most common video formats, texts, websites, pdf documents, Flash animations, PowerPoint files and TV programs. With this oversized marketing display, a professional digital signage presentation is quickly and easily compiled, delivered with a schedule and provided for dynamic playback. If you would like to use these impressive Presentation Systems from the house of friendlyway, you should look for the conversation with us. Ask for an individual offer today!


Screen wall with different contents

The friendlyway Video Wall can be divided into several areas so that different contents can appear in every sector. Transition effects, customized objects and music can be easily added. In our portfolio, we provide the complete, user-friendly video wall solution with numerous design possibilities for you. They save on implementation and maintenance costs as well as a lot of time since the programming and design effort is low. With the 5×5-meter video wall (25 screens), you get the greatest attention from the audience with high-quality Digital Signage content – from simple texts to high-quality flash animations and TV broadcasts. With this screen we give you a very efficient marketing tool.

Are you interested in this form of Instore TV in large format? On our website you will find all important information about this. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you still have something unclear. Simply call our hotline (+49 (0) 89/95 97 91 – 33) and get expert advice from qualified specialists. We are here for you and would like to help you to communicate important messages through a friendlyway Videowand in a remarkable way.

If you are looking for exceptional presentation systems of a special kind, you can count on us.



  • Get the complete, user-friendly video solution with many options.
  • A multimedia source for one to 5х5 video wall (25 screens).
  • Save implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Save time, since no additional training is necessary.
  • Gain public attention with high-quality digital signage content from simple texts to flash animations and TV broadcasts.


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Tel.: 049 (0) 89 959791 500



Video wall software provides video content with content


A first-class Video Wall Software is required to place advertising films and corporate news on a screen wall in an eye-catching manner. The experienced experts of friendlyway have developed such a software and give you as a company the possibility to go completely new ways in customer communication. The good thing about this is that once contents are available, they can be put into operation quickly and easily managed. If you want to expand your marketing mix, you now have the opportunity to do so. If you would like to order a video wall with 25 screens as well as the Video Wall Software, we are there for you at any time.


Excellent video wall software cheap order

With a video wall software, all common video and image formats, websites, flash animations and pdf documents can easily be displayed on a monitor wall. And if you want to make a difference between advertising films and product and company news, it is possible with our video software to record different TV programs. At the latest, when there is a lot of variety on the screen, many people will stop and look. This not only addresses the target group, but also those who come into contact with your company brand for the first time.

If you have questions about our product, which is also available as Digital Signage Software, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply call our hotline (089/95 97 91 33) and let the experts explain how you can use the friendlyway Video Wall Software profitably. On this occasion, you can also find out more about the Wayfinding Software, Touch Screen Software and the various Kiosk Software solutions from our portfolio.


Special presentation systems from friendlyway

The exclusive Presentation Systems from friendlyway generate lots of attention. If you want to benefit from our software know-how, we are at your side immediately. The fact that a video wall, which is provided by our video wall software with content, a very special presentation system at the POS, is because you can not easily overlook it. Use this efficient marketing tool for your purposes and leave an impression on existing and designated customers.

Our terminals, displays and software solutions help you achieve targeted advertising goals. With the friendlyway video wall software, you can be sure when you want to get the most attention with an impressive video wall.


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