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Easy configuration of the video wall:
Define the number of screens in the video wall as well as the screen resolution with a few mouse clicks.

Preview of the Videowand configuration:
The overview of the screen matrix with pages.


Show Grid:

There is a way to display the grid so that the user can see the boundaries of the screens when designing the page.

Easy transfer:

Each project can be updated via network folders as well as via USB or other removable media.



Support for the TV standard ATSC:

The software supports both ATSC TV and European TV standards.

Split the page into several areas:

The user can divide each page of the presentation into several areas and determine the content of each area.



All image formats, including formats with a transparent background and animated image formats.


WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2, DIVX, MPEG4, MOV, as well as streaming and HD videos.



Microsoft Power Point:

Support for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint versions 2007-20016.

Adobe Flash:

Support for Flash animations with transparent background and Flash files placed online.



RSS and Text:

Texts and RSS feeds are supported as sliders and tickers.

Adobe PDF:

PDF documents are automatically scrolled according to the schedule.




You can select certain areas of the web pages and display them dynamically on the displays.


Analogue and digital (DVB-T / DVB-S / DVB-C) television.



User-friendly interface:

Significantly reduce the learning curve by using a user interface that meets Microsoft’s guidelines.


The display duration of the media objects is displayed as a diagram and can be easily adjusted using the mouse.



Dynamic sequences:

The program automatically mixes the playlists automatically based on the repetition frequency or selected periods in which the spots are to be displayed.

Control program:

Content sequences can be assigned via a calendar function to certain times or events (similar to MS Outlook).



Media search service:

Search for media on the DVD or corporate network.


It is possible to use colors, color transitions as well as pictures as background.



Background sound:

Music or audio effects can be assigned to separate media elements.

Visual effects:

Possibility to assign slide or fade out effects to whole pages or individual media objects.




A special technology ensures a seamless playback of media objects without visual misfires or loading effects.

24×7 Playback:

The player software is designed to ensure a 24 × 7 playback.



Player monitoring:

The Videowand is monitored around the clock. In the event of a failure, the contents are immediately re-played. Information about current failures is sent by e-mail or SMS to the appropriate service person.

Visual control::

The screenshots of all displays are periodically sent to the server and are available for visual control at any time.



Smart content distribution:

Mediaprojects are also passed directly to the Videowand with reference to download and validity time.


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