Efficient control system can be used in many ways

Would you like to integrate our effective guidance system into your marketing mix? For example, in order to better navigate at railway stations, in large shopping centers and at airports, an orderly control system is usually an inevitable communication instrument. A friendlyway guidance system, on the other hand, is designed to provide you with detailed directions within a building or a more comprehensive location. On the other hand, companies can use our product to focus on the targeted target group.


For example the friendlyway empire 19

Simple self-service terminal for Internet applications, presentations and interactive programs



A control system from our company is designed in such a way that an efficient path finding and a convincing advertising functionality are combined. If users and incoming new customers no longer have any questions regarding the operation of such a route system, the goal is initially achieved. If the clear and fast usability of the system folds so well and in this context an attention-grabbing advertisement is placed in the right place, this remains extremely positive memory. Retailers are also happy to use a leadingway system from friendlyway and distribute their special offers. The presentation of the company message or other features can be selected individually.

Should any questions arise, we are at your disposal for a personal consultation.