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friendlyway Digital Signage Platform

The new friendlyway arctic adscreen for outdoor use is sunlight resistant and vandal proof.

Out-of-home digital signage provider friendlyway presents the friendlyway arctic, the first interactive advertising system for outdoor use. The system has a sunlight-resistant screen and integrated climate control, which automatically cools, heats, or dehumidifies the air it draws in from the outside. It can thus be used in practically any climate zone on earth.

The touch-sensitive glass screen means potential customers can navigate extensive selection menus with the touch of a finger, to find out more about an advertised product and even order it directly. The Bluetooth sender enables information to be transmitted from the digital sign to mobile devices. The systems are effectively protected from vandalism through the use of shock-resistant steel, bulletproof glass, and a concrete foundation.

The digital signs can be deployed in urban areas where people wait for buses, trains, or planes, as well as in shopping centers. They can currently be found in five German cities as well as at numerous international locations. Thanks to their interactive design, the systems are also suited for city and tourism promotion campaigns and as wayfinding systems in shopping malls, for example. friendlyway offers specially developed content for many usage scenarios.

“The digital sign significantly reduces update costs. The fact that advertising content can be changed faster with digital signage means that advertising revenue goes up considerably. Over the next 10 years, traditional advertising signage will be almost completely replaced by digital screens,” says Anton Michalok, Vice President of Sales Worldwide for friendlyway Products and Services GmbH.

About friendlyway

friendlyway is a renowned specialist in the development and marketing of standard software and system solutions for digital signage and interactive kiosk systems. friendlyway’s specially developed technological solutions for advertising have been marketed in Europe, Asia, and the US for the past ten years. More than 20,000 friendlyway solutions are currently installed.

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