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friendlyway Digital Signage Platform


The friendlyway composer 9 and the friendlyway composer network services are all-in-one digital signage software that covers all the tasks involved in the operation of a kiosk or digital signage network: from simple content management and time control to distribution of the content Kiosks and player stations with monitoring facility. The software includes three basic components: the friendlyway composer 9 (allows content management and scheduling), the friendlyway player 9 (displays the prepared content), and the friendlyway network services server (monitors the network of player PCs and transmits the content to player stations ).



  • Increase sales by introducing dynamic advertising at POS;
  • Increased brand awareness through targeted displays;
  • Adaptability to the branches by decentralized media control.

In the traffic:

  • Increase sales by introducing dynamic advertising at POS;
  • Increased brand awareness through targeted displays;
  • Adaptability to the branches by decentralized media control.

Companies, authorities, hotels and conference centers:

  • Content can be displayed in the route guidance or doorway system depending on the display, thus completing a modern information system for input areas;
  • Existing PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, videos, pictures or text files can easily be inserted with little effort, for example by a reception employee;
  • The image of the company or the authority as a modern, innovative device is enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art communications;
  • ROI by displaying the advertising of participating or neighboring companies.

AV solutions:

  • Improved integration capabilities of AV solutions through windows-compliant programming interfaces;
  • Flexibility in the selection of the hardware platform and displays for customer-specific solutions.


For companies:

  • Support of mediadata and PowerPoint presentations;
  • Only a few clicks are required to update the content;
  • Distribution of content via network, USB and removable media.

For AV solutions:

  • Flexible support for the display surface;
  • Connectivity with IP and QAM modulators;
  • Command line and .NET programming interface.

For the retail trade:

  • Advanced flash and video support for media agencies;
  • Low personnel costs: marketing and an IT staff are necessary;
  • Low implementation effort;
  • Overview of the entire network is ensured by friendlyway network services;
  • Extended support for a branch network.

In the traffic:

  • Support of the offline mode of the player;
  • No permanent connection is required for updating the content;
  • Support for embedded Windows;
  • Possibility to integrate a passenger information system;
  • Offline content.



All image formats, including formats with a transparent background and animated image formats.


WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2, DIVX, MPEG4, MOV, as well as streaming and HD videos.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Support for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint versions 2000-2016.

Adobe Flash:

Support for Flash animations with transparent background and Flash files placed online.

RSS and Text:

Texts and RSS feeds are supported as sliders and tickers.

Adobe PDF:

PDF documents are automatically scrolled according to the schedule.


You can select certain areas of the web pages and display them dynamically on the displays.


Analogue and digital (DVB-T / DVB-S / DVB-C) television.

User-friendly interface:

Significantly reduce the learning curve by using a user interface that meets Microsoft’s guidelines.

Flexible display settings:

Flexible display settings based on the aspect ratio or the resolution of the target display. The content is automatically scaled to full screen.

Support for multiple displays:

The program supports up to two FullHD displays with different content, controlled from a dual / quad-head graphics card.


The display duration of the media objects is displayed as a diagram and can be easily adjusted using the mouse.

Media search service:

Search for media on the DVD or corporate network.


It is possible to use colors, color transitions as well as pictures as background.

Background sound:

Music or audio effects can be assigned to separate media elements.

Visual effects:

Possibility to assign slide or fade out effects to whole pages or individual media objects.

24 × 7 Playback:

The player software was designed to ensure a 24 × 7 playback.

Easy transfer via USB or CD-ROM:

Each project can be updated via USB or CD-ROM.

Control program:

Content sequences can be assigned via a calendar function to certain times or events (similar to MS Outlook).

Dynamic sequences:

The program automatically mixes the playlists automatically based on the repetition frequency or selected periods in which the spots are to be displayed.

Web-based user interface:

The player network can be managed and monitored via an administration web console.

Player monitoring:

Kiosk and Playstations are monitored around the clock. In the event of a failure, the contents are immediately re-played. Information about current failures is sent by e-mail or SMS to the appropriate service person.

Visual control:

The screenshots of all displays are periodically sent to the server and are available for visual control at any time.

Smart content distribution:

Media projects are also passed directly to the Kiosk or Playstations with reference to download and validity times.

Embedded project:

There is the possibility to embed further composer projects as subprojects.


friendlyway composer 9

  • Allows the insertion of media files into different areas of the screen;
  • Allows scheduling and managing dynamic playlists;
  • Provides the preview of the screen;
  • Uploads content to the server for further use on the player stations.

friendlyway network services

  • Has a web-based console for network operators;
  • Enables monitoring of the network of player PCs with notification function;
  • Distributes content to the player stations;
  • Provides play logs.

friendlyway player 9

  • Seamlessly displays content from different media formats;
  • Plays the playlists according to the timelines created;
  • Allows playback when the network connection is not available.

friendlyway client manager

  • Receives the connection and sends heartbeats to the server;
  • Downloads and checks the contents;
  • Maintains security of the player stations.

How it works

1. Create content

The editor creates a presentation based on different mediadata.

2. Upload and distribute content

The editor loads the content pack. The player connects to the server and downloads the contents package.

3. Play content

The player stations play the downloaded project.

4. Monitor the playback

The player stations are controlled via web console and e-mail notifications.

System Requirements

Friendlyway composer 9 is developed for the Windows platform and requires installation from the .Net Framework. To install the composer network services server, you must install Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server.
Composer workstation and player station:

  • Commercially available PC with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
  • network card

Network Services Server:

Up to 10 players:

  • Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate Edition SP1 (32/64-bit)
  • Windows 2003 Server Web, Standard, Enterprise Edition (32-bit)
  • Windows 2008 Server Web, Standard, Enterprise Edition (32-bit)
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 Web, Standard, Enterprise Edition (64-bit)

From 10 players:

  • Windows 2003 Server Web, Standard, Enterprise Edition (32-bit)
  • Windows 2008 Server Web, Standard, Enterprise Edition (32-bit)
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 Web, Standard, Enterprise Edition (64-bit)

Note: If more than 50 displays are provided, we recommend using Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Standard Edition (software product must be purchased separately). Internet Information Services (IIS) is required for all servers. Software is part of Windows.


  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 100 GB free hard disk space


Professional Edition

The Professional Edition provides all the features of the software and allows you to manage multiple displays directly from the composer interface. The content is updated by friendlyway composer network services – an application that is installed on the composer computer or on a separate server and ensures interaction between composer workstation and player station.

Multiuser Edition

The Multiuser Edition includes all the functions of the Single User Edition and can also be installed on 5 workstations and used by 5 users at the same time.

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