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The friendlyway secure browser software is used to protect public Internet sites against misuse. The product prevents access to the operating system, switches off system key combinations and allows the limitation of the surfing area. The friendlyway secure browser was developed based on Microsoft Internet Explorer and allows all modern web technologies like simple or complex web pages, scripts and multimedia as well as customized navigation buttons and custom layout. In the new generation of secure browser software, the secure sending of video, image and sound emails is also integrated. If desired, a virtual keyboard for inputting address data can be displayed. The configuration of the friendlyway secure browser is very simple and requires no programming knowledge. The friendlyway secure browser software is primarily intended for use at public Internet access stations in authorities, universities, schools, hospitals, tourist facilities such as hotels, conference centers and restaurants.



  • Securing public Internet stations and vending machines;
  • Securing access to intranets in enterprises (secure workplace);
  • Secure access to internet and intranet in universities and schools;
  • Secure internet and online banking in bank branches;
  • Secure paid Internet surfing for internet cafes;
  • Protection of trade fair information systems;
  • Child safety for use at home;
  • Safeguarding of visitors’ welcome systems;
  • Securing of measuring terminals;
  • Securing contact detection terminals;
  • Video, photo, voice mail dispatch stations;
  • Protection of TV play stations.


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Tel.: 049 (0) 89 959791 500