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Lock the system buttons and prevent unwanted access to the Windows interface:

Locking the system keys makes it impossible for the user to access other applications or the Windows interface with key combinations such as „Alt + Tab“. This prevents the unwanted intervention on the system level.

Automatic restart of the computer by entering the time:

You can restart or shut down the computer at a specific time. This is fully automatic without the intervention of a supervisor.



Recording the user activities in a log file:

Do you want to monitor user activity? Enable this option to have all operations logged in a „log“ file. This will show you exactly when a user has done what.

Freely definable control strip:

Define your own buttons and configure which buttons should be displayed and which are not.



Security settings:

  • Disable JavaScript
  • Disable access to files
  • Configure ActiveX controls
  • Disable file download

Limit navigation area:

You do not want a user to surf on, for example, chat or erotic pages? Restrict access to certain pages, simple and reliable.



Block pop-up windows:

You can prevent the loading of annoying pop-up windows.

Mail client configuration:

In the secure browser configurator, you can configure a mail server so that the secure browser users can send the e-mail from different websites.



Monitoring open applications and windows:

You can enable the user to run certain applications you define and lock other applications in the opposite direction. The maximum number of open windows and the automatic closing of all windows that are no longer required can also be set via the configuration program.

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